Job completed for Perre W.

Completion date: May 9, 2019

Location: Anniston, AL

Why did the customer contact us?

Customer had noticed there was moisture in crawlspace, as well as some vertical settlement which had caused some cracks in brick and block.

Solutions provided:

In order to prevent water intrusion and to stabilize the home, Ox installed:

Ox Hydro-Guard Crawlspace Drainage-(WITH HEALTHYCRAWL™)
Ox Hydro-Guard drainage will manage crawl space water intrusion where installed. LIFETIME WARRANTY

Crawlspace Encapsulation - 20 Mil cross woven polyethylene - Class A fire rated - Sealed seams and penetrations - 25 year warranty against rips and tears.

Watchdog NXT60
Watchdog Seaira NXT60- Energy Star Rated- 11,000 cubic feet coverage area- Digital Display- Quiet Operation- Lightweight- Hot Gas Bypass- Outlet Ducting Options- Auto Restart After Power Outage- Multiple Filter Options- Help Prevent Pest and Mold Infestation- Gravity Drain- 5 year limited Warranty

Zoeller Pump System
Zoeller Pump 1/3 H.P. motor 1-1/2" NPT Discharge & Passes 2" spherical solids Non-clogging vortex impeller design Durable cast iron switch case, motor, and pump housing Automatic with float activated switch. RPM 1550 rpm

Empire Helical Pier - Underpin Support
Helical Piers permanently stabilize your foundation and in many cases bring your home back to level. Empire helical piers carry a LIMITED LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY!

Photos & Videos:

Encapsulated Crawlspace in Anniston

Encapsulated Crawlspace in Anniston

Water Intrusion in Crawlspace in Anniston

Water Intrusion in Crawlspace in Anniston

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