Installing French Drain System For Your Home in Alabama

What is a French drain? A French Drain is a trench filled with gravel or rock or containing a penetrated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from an area. Groundwater drainage is a crucial process for any home or office property, draining the water in the yard and keeping it from entering the basement is a major step that determines the health of your basement and property.

At OX Foundation we have an interior drainage system we install along the perimeter of your basement. Once installed the drain system catches any entering water and drains it safely to a sump pump. From there the water is pumped out and away from your home. 

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Installing French Drain System For Your Home in Alabama

Why You May Need A French Drain?

Poorly done drainage can pose serious safety hazards, such as flooding and soil erosion. Too much accumulation of water on the ground will make soil soggy and muddy. These conditions can potentially ruin a garden and may also pose health risks to people. Also, if you don't take action right away then there are chances you may endure high basement risks. The best way to avoid such situations is simply by installing a French Drain System in your home/office property. 

Why You May Need A French Drain

The WaterGuard® Drainage System

One of the most popular Drainage systems is the WaterGuard Drainage system which many homeowners in Alabama use. This is not like our old-fashion drainage system which is buried under the ground of our basement floor system, this system is installed inside along the perimeter of the basement. 

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