Wall & Floor Leak Solutions in Alabama

One of the most common reasons for a wet basement is wall & floor leaks. It mostly occurs due to the way basement foundations are established and the materials used, that fall weak under the hydrostatic pressure. As a result, you may find extreme losses in your basements such as damages to your personal belongings, storage, and many more. 

Whenever you find water leakage in any part of your house then all you have to do is let us know. We have a group of experts who are trained and licensed in dealing with such situations and have a wide range of work success for several years now. 

If you are living in Ashville, Bryant, Cleveland, Morris, Rainsville, Alpine, and many more areas covering the Greater of Alabama then please give us a call at 205-303-3404, and our friendly customer care service will immediately attend your call. 

Wall & Floor Leak Solutions in Alabama

Why Do The Wall & Floor Leak?

Walls & floor leaks depend on various factors like the component materials of the foundation that could be poured in concrete walls, stone walls, or concrete block walls. Another crucial factor is the wall-floor joint. A small gap is kept between the walls and floors during construction to prevent cracks from forming in the center of the floor. Hydrostatic pressure can pierce through this gap into the basement.

Hydrostatic pressure can also weaken the joints between concrete block and stone walls. A clogged exterior footing drain worsens the situation, as more water can seep into the basement.

Why Do The Wall & Floor Leak

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OX Foundation has been providing the best basement waterproofing solutions to many homes and commercial property owners in Alabama. We are obliged with one of the best Basement waterproofing experts in town who takes great responsibility for giving you the best Wall & Floor Leak services. They are well trained & licensed, all you have to do is give us a call at 205-303-3404 and we shall immediately dispatch them. 

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