Wall & Floor Leak Repair Services in Alabama

Wall & Floor Leak Repair Services in Albertville & Birmingham, Alabama

The wall-floor joint is a common source of water leaking into a basement

The way basement foundations are constructed and the different materials used together contribute to the common problem of water leaking through a basement wall and/or basement floor. Each of the four foundation types described below has unique characteristics that should be considered when solving a wet basement problem and designing a waterproofing system.

The one universal factor contributing to a wet basement is the poor performance of exterior drainage systems. Even though many houses have footing drains as shown in the drawings below, these drains don’t perform well if at all. The drains are easily crushed during the backfilling process and will eventually clog with silt and plant roots, rendering it useless.

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Wall & Floor Leak Repair

Why Do the Walls & Floors Leak?

Walls & floor leaks depend on various factors like the component materials of the foundation that could be poured in concrete walls, stone walls, or concrete block walls. Another crucial factor is the wall-floor joint. A small gap is usually kept between the walls and floors during construction to prevent cracks from forming in the center of the floor. Water under immense pressure can pierce through this gap into the basement.

Water pressure can also weaken the joints between concrete block walls and stone walls, and penetrate through into the basement as well. A clogged exterior footing drain worsens the situation, as more water can seep into the basement.

Let Ox Foundation Solutions Create Your Interior French Drain System in Cleveland & Jasper, AL

Every type of basement foundation is prone to water leaking through walls as well as along the floor-wall joint. An effective waterproofing system should aim to capture this leakage as it enters and before it can pool onto the basement floor. This is the principle behind the WaterGuard® drainage system from Basement Systems. We serve customers in ClevelandJasper, Montgomery, Bessemer, and cities throughout Alabama. 

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