Concrete Lifting & Leveling: All You Need to Know

 oncrete Lifting & Leveling

Have you ever walked from the sidewalk to your door and tripped along the way because the path seemed uneven? Ever notice cracks on your driveway or areas that have sunk? This is what happens when concrete settles, and there are many causes.

One of the things that cause settlement and sinking of concrete slabs is soil erosion. This happens when there is improper drainage and water passes beneath your concrete slab, bringing with it the soil that is supposed to support the slab. Another reason settlement happens is when soil is not compacted properly beneath the slab or when tree roots loosen the compacted soil underneath. Tree roots also can damage concrete and lift the concrete upward, causing unevenness in the process.

How to Take Care of Settlement & Uneven Concrete

When this happens, one solution is to find a company like Ox Foundation Solutions that can lift and level the concrete slab for you. Lifting and leveling is just one of a few ways you can repair concrete that has sunk due to settlement. How does this work?

Lifting and leveling is a process that involves the use of a substance called OxPoly. This substance helps lift the sunken slab when injected into the concrete. A foam-like substance, OxPoly expands inside the space between the slab and the eroded area. The material is lightweight but durable enough to hold the concrete slab in place as it fills the cavity created underneath due to erosion and settlement.

How Concrete Lifting & Leveling is Done

When you decide to use lifting and leveling for your settlement problem at your home or office in Alabama, these are the steps that the people at Ox Foundation Solutions take to get things done:

  1. Holes the size of pennies are drilled in the slab in the area where it has settled.
  2. The OxPoly injection ports are placed into the holes.
  3. The substance is injected into each hole until the concrete slab has risen back to its original level. This process is repeated in different areas of the slab, depending on how big an area is affected.
  4. The holes are patched up with concrete and smoothed out to return the slab to its original smooth form.

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Reasons to Choose Concrete Lifting Over Other Methods

In the past, people used to just remove a concrete slab that sank, fill in the sunken area with soil and lay a new slab over the top. This is a more expensive and laborious process that may have to be repeated multiple times if the settlement is due to soil erosion caused by improper drainage.

Concrete lifting using OxPoly injections is considered a much better alternative because it does not require the expensive reapplication of a concrete slab and can be done in a short amount of time. The foam is waterproof, it is less messy, it is a precise technique, and can get the problem solved in as little as 15 minutes.

If you have problems with foundation settlement and need a quick and effective solution, concrete leveling and lifting by Ox Foundation Solutions is your best choice. We can help you with this problem along with other foundation issues you might have like wall and floor cracks and bowing walls. To get a free assessment and to get the help you need, don’t hesitate to call us at 205-303-3404 or leave us a message on our Contact Us page so we can get back to you with the right solution for your settlement problem.

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