Mold Prevention For Wood Crawl Space in Alabama

A common and convenient place in your crawl space for mold growth is the wood panels. Whether the base or flooring or the top of your crawl space, wood panels are a magnet for moisture either from the snowy season or from the air during cold drafts. As a result, the structural integrity of your home is compromised as well as severe health risks are posed to you and your family.

Investing in a crawl space dehumidifier will keep the moisture inside your crawl space in control and protect the property from mold growth recurrence in the future. At Ox Foundation Solutions we provide the best crawl space dehumidification in Alabama.

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Dehumidify Your Crawl Space and Keep the Moisture in Check 

As we know a portion of your indoor air comes from the crawlspace beneath you, having a moldy crawl space can affect the air quality greatly. Therefore it is imperative to eliminate the source of mold growth. Moisture, being the vital component of mold growth, is the easier one to control, and having a dehumidifier can help you extract the access moisture from your crawlspace.

At Ox Foundation Solutions we provide self-draining dehumidification systems. These systems feed directly into the sump pump, providing benefits throughout the whole house while conditioning the air in the crawlspace. Simply call us at 205-303-3404 to avail yourself of our moisture control services. We also provide encapsulation, waterproofing, insulation and other services for your crawl space. 

Dehumidify the crawl area.

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