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Crawl Space Waterproofing Solutions in Alabama

Insects, rodents, and mold all thrive in dark, moist spaces. All three are regularly found in the crawl space beneath your home. That is because the moisture that collects in crawl spaces not only allows the growth of mold and mildew, it also attracts pests and can damage the integrity of your home's foundation and structure. By causing enough damage, it can even decrease your home's property value.

What to Do About Water in Your Crawl Space

The best way to avoid a wet crawl space is to waterproof the area before it gets to that point. Ox Foundation Solutions can help with that by using high-quality and top-rated products coupled with professional techniques to successfully reduce moisture and groundwater. Without crawl space waterproofing, your crawl space remains vulnerable to surface water.

A reliable sump pump system paired with an encapsulation system will remove and prevent any water and moisture found in your crawl space. Our sump-pump system is fully equipped with a sump pump and liner, alarm, and floor drain. It can also include a battery backup system that means you never have to worry about drying out your crawl space or letting a plumbing leak go unnoticed.

The sump pump also has an airtight lid that helps to keep the liner in place. Should any water from a plumbing leak reach the system, the alarm will alert you and the floor will drain automatically.

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Crawl Space Drainage Systems will Protect Your Property

Just having a liner won't cut it and crawl spaces can remain wet for months before a homeowner may notice. But with a top-notch system installed, your sump pump does all the work for you by protecting your crawl space. Our systems are fully compatible with our encapsulation system to ensure that your crawl space is always protected.

Crawl space drainage systems protect your crawl space and ensure there's never any moisture that can damage your property at any given time. Any standing water could cause a slew of problems but by installing a crawl-space drainage system, we can direct any water into a sump pump to remove it from your crawl space.

We also have other ways to dry your crawl space that include drainage matting, crawl-space vent covers, an encapsulation system and a crawl space dehumidification system. That way, you never have to worry about water damage in your crawl space while you are unaware or away.

Protect Your Crawl Space with Ox Foundation Solutions

Contact Ox Foundation Solutions online or give us a call at 205-303-3404 when you are ready to waterproof your crawl space. Our service technicians will be happy to provide more information or to schedule your free crawl space waterproofing estimate!

Recent Crawl Space Service Jobs

Water intrusion on block wall in Bessemer crawlspace

To get the crawlspace healthy and prevent further water damage, Ox installed:

Health Crawl™ 14 MIL
Crawlspace Encapsulation - 14 Mil cross woven polyethylene - Class A fire rated - Sealed seams and penetrations - 25 year warranty against rips and tears.

Ox Hydro-Guard Crawlspace Drainage-(WITH HEALTHYCRAWL™)
Ox Hydro-Guard drainage will manage crawl space water intrusion where installed. LIFETIME WARRANTY

Zoeller Pump System
Zoeller Pump 1/3 H.P. motor 1-1/2" NPT Discharge & Passes 2" spherical solids Non-clogging vortex impeller design Durable cast iron switch case, motor, and pump housing Automatic with float activated switch. RPM 1550 rpm

Watchdog NXT60
Watchdog Seaira NXT60- Energy Star Rated- 11,000 cubic feet coverage area- Digital Display- Quiet Operation- Lightweight- Hot Gas Bypass- Outlet Ducting Options- Auto Restart After Power Outage- Multiple Filter Options- Help Prevent Pest and Mold Infestation- Gravity Drain- 5 year limited Warranty

Crawlspace Door
New crawlspace door built to standard construction practices. Sealed to prevent high humidity levels.

Mold Remediation
Seal off workspace of the basement from house to prevent cross-contamination while remediation is being completed using 6Mil Polyethylene as required. As required - Set up an air scrubber to reduce particulate counts while the home is being remediated as required. IF APPLICABLE - Micro clean all contaminated surfaces with GM2000, GM6000, Fiberlock APC or similar product, orbital sand or soda blast and HEPA vacuum as necessary to remove microbial growth from contaminated surfaces. Areas to be treated: All contaminated, sub floor and joists in basement and crawlspace. Non mechanical air scrub the entire crawlspace/basement and living level to reduce the airborne particles to acceptable levels and reduce potential for future microbial growth to improve Indoor Air Quality to acceptable regional levels. Remove all contaminated materials from the home without compromising the rest of the property.

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