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Foundation is the core of any building, without a proper foundation your building may collapse anytime. But do you know foundations also need settlement repairs time after time. It's always necessary to keep an eye on your foundation or if your busy doing so you can always call us to conduct an inspection and let you know if your foundation needs repair or not. 

One of the most hazardous damages your foundations can face is settling. When your foundation settles, a segment of its structure has been distorted or disrupted due to the following incidents:

  • Improper compression of its foundation
  • Shrinkage due to moisture
  • Carrying too much load

What are the Possible Causes that can Make Foundation Settle?

  1. If the moisture finds it way to enter the footing of your foundations' leaks, which caused by the cracks that are found in underground waste piping and/or downspouts, can soften the soil under it – causing it to settle.
  2. Some homes are built on top of uneven soil. This typically happens when a shallow foundation is installed near a deeper basement foundation, or that it is sitting in a sloping lot.
  3. Trees and vegetation that are growing near your homes can break through your foundations with their roots. If moisture is presently seeping through your foundation’s walls, chances are that plants will follow the source and begin sprouting on places you do not want them on.
  4. Homes built on soft soils, like clay, are bound to experience foundation settlement. These types of soils are known to shrink and expand depending on the type of weather you are experiencing. Through time, your foundation cannot keep up with the soil’s alternating shape and develop damages such as cracks and weak surfaces.

OXFOUNDATION Handles All Sort Of Foundation Settlement Issues

Oxfoundation has all the equipment and manpower that makes our company one of the leading basement waterproofing organizations in all of Alabama. Our state-of-art-facility is blessed with a group of experts who are well trained and licensed in dealing with all sort of foundation settlement issues in your home. If you are living in  Adamsville, Albertville, Birmingham, Hoover, or other cities we serve in Alabama. Then please give us a call at 205-303-3404 and our friendly customer care service will answer your call right away.


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