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Living in the Greater Birmingham, AL has many perks, such as great weather, being close to beaches and mountains, but one thing we are unfortunate to have is the problem of highly expansive clay soils. Not only do we have highly expansive clay soils, but we have them on many of our hillsides that cover most of the Greater Birmingham, AL. 

Some of these hillsides have even reached their breaking point and have given way to landslides. Not only does the soil go down the hill during a landslide, but so does everything that is sitting on top of it, including your home.

Not to worry, at Ox Foundation Solutions we specialize in structural retention. Our expert team has been a part of numerous projects, where the existing structure was tied back into the hillside into competent material.

Let us help to securely stop your home from ending up at the bottom of the hill.  Call 205-303-3404 or complete our contact form for a free inspection and quote.

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