Foundation Settlement Warning Signs in Alabama


Many people may wonder if their foundation is having issues, but how can you be sure?  The only sure fast way to know is by having a certified and licensed foundation expert come to assess your home or business, but there are a few simple tests and items you can watch for to see if your foundation may be showing signs of needing work.

Sloping Floors 

At the point you can visually notice your floor is sloping, you've probably experienced significant foundation settlement.  This can lead to more costly repairs than if you catch the problem early.  The golf ball or marble test is one way you can find out if your floors are still level or if portions of your foundation may be settling.


Although we all want our homes to have a beautiful landscaped look; trees, shrubbery or even dirt that is placed too high on the foundation can cause drainage issues and foundation problems, as well as; a miriad of other issues.  Even expert landscaping companies may not be aware of the dangers they are causing by improperly putting plants too close to a home.  Roots, soil, and insects all can be culprits of minor issues that can turn into major repairs down the road.

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Telltale Signs of Foundation Settlement

  • Tilting chimneys
  • Concrete exterior stairs that tilt or sink
  • Vertical cracks in foundation walls
  • Cracked and sunken slabs
  • Cracks in drywall around window & door openings
  • Cracked brick veneer or exterior stucco
  • Skewed openings that make doors and windows diffcult to operate

If you encounter any of the symptoms listed above, it’s smart to get in touch with a foundation repair specialist right away. At Ox Foundation Solutions, we offer free inspections and written estimates for any symptom you may have and a proven warranted solution. You don’t have to live with the uncertainty of a questionable foundation. Contact Us today at 205-303-3404.

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