Insect Infestation Control for Your Home in Alabama

How troublesome it is to face insects killing our garden and spreading deadly germs which are capable enough to cause serious medical issues for our loved ones. Insect infestation is an uprising issue in Alabama and a challenge to many homeowners. 

OXFOUNDATION is your best friend when it comes to insect infestation control for your home in Abernant, Albertville, Birmingham, Knoxville, Cleveland, and many more areas covering the greater Alabama. We have the best insect-killing materials and chemicals which will be of great use for pest control all over the house. We suggest all home and business owners get regular insect infestation control at least once a month. 

Please give us a call at 205-303-3404 and our friendly customer care will dispatch a group of experts to your property for a free inspection. 

How Do We Eliminate Insects?

  • We first conduct an inspection in your home to locate each place which has traffic of insects
  • After we find locating them we start using chemicals 
  • We use both Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids work to paralyze and eventually kill a wide variety of insects.
  • We use Piperonyl Butoxide which enhances the effectiveness of the other chemicals by inhibiting insect metabolism.
  • We use Hydramethylnon is typically used in bait for ants, cockroaches, termites, crickets, and silverfish.


Homeowners in Alabama have been suffering from insect infestation issues for many years now and they have used so many DIY methods but the results don't always come effective. This is where our company comes to aid you in such a difficult situation. We have the proper equipment, tools, and most importantly the right people for the job. If you want a safe, lively, and well-maintained ambience for your loved ones then please do give us a call at 205-303-3404. 

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