Concrete Lifting, Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair in Bessemer, AL

According to data from, most houses in Bessemer, AL were built in 1959 or earlier. While they are valued, on average, lower than homes in the rest of the country and the rest of Alabama, their values are increasing at a more rapid rate.

That means these homes are a solid investment and, as a homeowner, you want to protect your biggest investment. When it comes to your home, that starts with protecting its foundation.

But foundations may be damaged for various reasons and you want to have a reliable foundation repair company to help you. In Bessemer, the company to call when having foundation issues is Ox Foundations Solutions

We are a full-service company specializing in basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, drainage services, sump pump installation, and even structural repair. We have perfected a concrete lifting technique using OxPoly - a faster, more economical way of lifting sunken concrete with the least disruption.

For years, we have set the standard for foundation repairs in Bessemer and throughout the state of Alabama. Our satisfied customers speak for our work. See what our happy customers have to say about the quality of our work. 

Waterproofing Services Offered in Bessemer, AL

For all your foundation repair needs, you can trust Ox Foundation Solutions. We offer services that will put your foundation back to its condition before it was damaged. We can also help you prevent damage to your foundation. Here are some of the services that we offer in Bessemer, AL:

  • Basement Waterproofing Services - It’s only natural for water and moisture to gravitate towards the basement. When you waterproof your basement, you prevent the buildup of water and avoid possible damage to the structure of the house and possible mold and mildew overgrowth. You can rely on Ox Foundation Solutions to protect your basement and reduce the possibility of damage to your foundation. 
  • Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation Services - One of the least talked about part of a property are the crawl spaces. They’re just there to provide access to utility installations like ductwork and plumbing. But if your crawl spaces are wet or moist, they can be a breeding ground for mold, which multiplies quickly and compromises the quality of air that you breathe inside your home. Spores are known allergens that can be bad for the respiratory system. With our crawl space repair and encapsulation service, you can prevent moisture build-up. 
  • Foundation Repair Services - First, we identify exactly what the problem is. Often, it’s the soil that supports the foundation that has weakened. You will notice signs of a damaged foundation immediately. There could be cracks or sagging on the floor, the walls may have cracks, your doors may not open or close easily, or perhaps your window no longer fits the frame perfectly. If you notice any of these signs, please contact us immediately so that we can help resolve the issue sooner and minimize damage to your property. 

Rely on Ox Foundation Solutions for Foundation Repair in Bessemer, Alabama

OX Foundation Solutions provides basement waterproofing, foundation repairs, and crawl space repairs in Bessemer, Alabama and the greater Jefferson area. With a population of 26,348 there are many people who can benefit from basement, foundation, and crawl space solutions. We serve the following zipcodes: 35020, 35021, and 35022 and the following neighborhoods: The Oaks at Parkwood, Greenwood, Hopewell, and Woodward.

At Ox Foundation Solutions, we are the go-to company when it comes to foundation repair and related services in Bessemer, AL. For a free estimate, please visit our contact us page and send us a short message using the form OR give us a call at 205-303-3404 to speak to a representative.

Customer Reviews from Bessemer
James Durough from Bessemer, Al,
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Aug 1st, 2020
Very Happy
Cheryl B from Bessemer, AL
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jul 31st, 2020
Every person -12 in all- including owner, office & work crews were polite, courtious and seemed anxious in solving all the issues I had. No smoking, cursing, strife with anyone. Good experience in a stressfull sutuation!
Would highly recommend
DEWEY ALLEN from Bessemer, AL
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Mar 13th, 2020
Good Job overall, excellent follow up
Completed Jobs from Bessemer
Stair stepping interior crack on basement block wall Wayne G
May 8, 2018
In order to fix the crack and stabilize the home, Ox installed: Empire Helical Pier - Underpin Support Helical Piers permanently stabilize your foundation and in many cases bring your home back to level. Empire helical piers carry a LIMITED LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY!
Water intrusion with water marks on cinder block in the crawlspace Joslyn B
November 5, 2018
In order to stabilize the floors of the home and get the crawlspace healthy, Ox installed: Floor Support Pre-Casted Footings Install custom fabricated structural steel floor supports per graph. Floor supports will help to return the homes floor back to level but no guarantee is given that the home will be completely level due to possible faulty prior construction and other factors outside our control. As building settles adjustment may be needed. Ox to dig a set Pre-Casted concrete footings. 16''x16''x4'' Watchdog NXT 85 Watchdog Seaira NXT 85- 15,000 cubic feet coverage area- Digital Display- Quiet Operation- Electronic Defrost- Hot Gas Bypass- Temperature Controlled Defrost- Inlet or Outlet Ducting Options- Auto Restart After Power Outage- Multiple Filter Options- Help Prevent Pest and Mold Infestation- Gravity Drain- Remote Control Compatible- Easy Access Panels- Energy Star Rated- 5 year limited Warranty HealthyCrawl™ Crawlspace Encapsulation - 20 Mil cross-woven polyethylene - Class A fire rated - Sealed seams and penetrations - 25-year warranty against rips and tears.
Sunken and unleveled concrete slab of sidewalk in Bessemer Shawn J
July 13, 2018
In order to lift and level the slab, Ox injected: OX Poly Polyerethane Injection for lifting concrete slabs and or void filling for structural support. 2 Year Warranty for settlement up to 1/4".
Water marks on basement block walls Susan G
February 28, 2018
To prevent further water intrusion, Ox installed: HydroGuard Basement Perimeter System HydroGuard in your basement will manage standing water and flooding in your home. OX Foundation Solutions backs our subfloor drainage with a LIMITED LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY! White Wall White Wall manages any water that could come through the block or concrete wall and directs it into our HydroGuard system. Pitboss 3/4HP Sump Pump System A/c power only. Pitboss 3/4 hp pump 5 year warranty parts and labor only Pumps up to 2400 GPH Includes check valve, fittings, and one Perforated Basin liner.
Water intrusion on block wall in Bessemer crawlspace Rodney H
June 28, 2019
To get the crawlspace healthy and prevent further water damage, Ox installed: Health Crawl™ 14 MIL Crawlspace Encapsulation - 14 Mil cross woven polyethylene - Class A fire rated - Sealed seams and penetrations - 25 year warranty against rips and tears. Ox Hydro-Guard Crawlspace Drainage-(WITH HEALTHYCRAWL™) Ox Hydro-Guard drainage will manage crawl space water intrusion where installed. LIFETIME WARRANTY Zoeller Pump System Zoeller Pump 1/3 H.P. motor 1-1/2" NPT Discharge & Passes 2" spherical solids Non-clogging vortex impeller design Durable cast iron switch case, motor, and pump housing Automatic with float activated switch. RPM 1550 rpm Watchdog NXT60 Watchdog Seaira NXT60- Energy Star Rated- 11,000 cubic feet coverage area- Digital Display- Quiet Operation- Lightweight- Hot Gas Bypass- Outlet Ducting Options- Auto Restart After Power Outage- Multiple Filter Options- Help Prevent Pest and Mold Infestation- Gravity Drain- 5 year limited Warranty Crawlspace Door New crawlspace door built to standard construction practices. Sealed to prevent high humidity levels. Mold Remediation Seal off workspace of the basement from house to prevent cross-contamination while remediation is being completed using 6Mil Polyethylene as required. As required - Set up an air scrubber to reduce particulate counts while the home is being remediated as required. IF APPLICABLE - Micro clean all contaminated surfaces with GM2000, GM6000, Fiberlock APC or similar product, orbital sand or soda blast and HEPA vacuum as necessary to remove microbial growth from contaminated surfaces. Areas to be treated: All contaminated, sub floor and joists in basement and crawlspace. Non mechanical air scrub the entire crawlspace/basement and living level to reduce the airborne particles to acceptable levels and reduce potential for future microbial growth to improve Indoor Air Quality to acceptable regional levels. Remove all contaminated materials from the home without compromising the rest of the property.
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