Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair & Concrete Lifting in Columbiana

At OX Foundation Solutions, we have a team of professional certified waterproofing and foundation repair experts who are always prepared to help with basement and crawlspace concerns in Columbiana. Our foundation and crawl space services provide complete waterproofing solutions including sump pump installation as well as, foundation repairs and structural solutions.

We strive to give you a healthy and safe home for you and your family by offering customized solutions for your specific basement or foundation issues. Whether you need complete waterproofing, moisture control or foundation repair, you can trust that OX Foundations Solutions is here to help you. We have had many years of experience in crawl space and foundation solutions, so you can always count on us to fix the issue and leave you with a much healthier home.

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At OX Foundation Solutions, we offer a wide range of foundation and waterproofing services to homeowners in the Greater Columbiana area. Some of our services include the following:

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Let us, at OX Foundation Solutions, help make your Columbiana home healthier for you and your family. Contact us today by giving us a call at 205-303-3404 to learn more about our basement waterproofing and foundation repair services in Columbiana.

Customer Reviews from Columbiana
Chad V from Columbiana, AL
5 Stars
May 7th, 2021
Very easy to work with, showed up on time, workers were nice and courteous, Shawn the salesman was GREAT!
Nan G from Columbiana, AL
5 Stars
Jul 27th, 2020
From first call to last contact everyone that came to my house was very polite and professional. On the phone or in person everyone great. Got the job done on time and cleaned up mess that builder left...very apprecaitive of the excellent work
Brad P from Columbiana, AL
5 Stars
Feb 19th, 2020
I had my crawl space encapsulated.
Jim Tsokatos from Columbiana, AL
4 Stars
Jun 28th, 2019
I had a crack in the garage concrete and they pressure grounded underneath it to level it off . I am completely satisfied wit the services they performed.
Completed Jobs from Columbiana
April 13, 2020
Helical Pier - Underpin Support Helical Piers permanently stabilize your foundation and in many cases bring your home back to level. If piers go deeper than 14 feet there will be an ADDITIONAL CHARGE of $140 per extension. Ox Helical piers carry a LIMITED LIFETIME of the Structure TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY! Concrete Removal and Replacement Remove and replace concrete at helical piers. OX Poly Polyurethane Injection for lifting concrete slabs and or void filling for structural support. 2 Year Warranty for settlement up to 1/4". Material usage is quoted is the calculated amount needed to attain lifting, due to unforeseen voids below the concrete should more material be needed to obtain desired results the cost is at $8 per pound. Ox Foundation Solutions' intention is to achieve the best results and to lift the concrete back to its original position but cannot always be guaranteed due to compromising the structural integrity of the concrete.
Basement Water Control System1 Amanda B
March 13, 2020
Ox Hydro-Guard® Basement System 0-30 Ox Hydro-Guard® in your basement will manage standing water and flooding in your home. OX Foundation Solutions backs our subfloor drainage with a LIFETIME of the Structure's TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY! OX-TUFF Flexi-Wall® OX-TUFF Flexi-Wall® will be installed over the wall to act as a membrane to direct water into our basement water system. OX-TUFF Flexi-Wall® can be used in areas that will be finished after installation. Demolition Ox Foundations to remove drywall and stud framing at areas where basement waterproofing is to be installed. Replacement of finishes by others.
Josh W
December 31, 2018

Pitboss 3/4HP Sump Pump System

A/c power only !!!!!!NO BATTERY BACKUP PROTECTION!!!!!!! !!!!!!NO ELECTRICAL OUTLET PROVIDED!!!!!! Pitboss 3/4 hp pump 5-year warranty parts and labor only Pump up to 2400 GPH Include check valve, fittings, and one Perforated Basin liner. The discharge line includes 2-4 ft and will have a positive flow away from the home.

Battery Back UP System



12V Backup Battery System Includes - Built-in charger, Float switch, pump & battery case 3 YEAR FULL-REPLACEMENT WARRANTY

Crawl Space Encapsulation Joe G
August 20, 2018


Crawlspace Encapsulation - 20 Mil cross-woven polyethylene - Class A fire rated - Sealed seams and penetrations - 25-year warranty against rips and tears.

NXT 85

Watchdog Seaira 900c- 15,000 cubic feet coverage area- Digital Display- Quiet Operation- Durable Design- Hot Gas Bypass- Temperature Controlled Defrost- Inlet or Outlet Ducting Options- Auto Restart After Power Outage- Multiple Filter Options- Help Prevent Pest and Mold Infestation- Built-In Condensate Pump- Remote Control Compatible- Easy Access Panels- 90 Pints a day- 370 CFM airflow- Energy Star Rated- 5-year limited Warranty- !!!!!NO ELECTRICAL OUTLET PROVIDED!!!!!!

Barry N
April 18, 2017
  • Floor Support W/T Poured Footing

Install custom-fabricated structural steel floor supports per graph. Floor supports will help to return the floor of the home back to level but no guarantee is given that the home will be completely level due to possible faulty prior construction and other factors outside our control. As the building settles adjustment may be needed. Ox to dig and pour a 20”x20”x30” concrete footing with rebar for each support.

  • Floor Support Pre-Casted Footings

Install custom fabricated structural steel floor supports per graph. Floor supports will help to return the homes floor back to level but no guarantee is given that the home will be completely level due to possible faulty prior construction and other factors outside our control. As building settles adjustment may be needed. Ox to dig a set Pre-Casted concrete footings. 16''x16''x4''

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