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Foundation Repair, Concrete Lifting & Basement Waterproofing in Gadsden

The most under-appreciated part of any house is the foundation. It holds the weight of the entire building, keeps out moisture, insulates, and resists movement. All at the same time. Damage to the foundation affects the entire building.  

According to USA.com, most houses in Gadsden, AL were built in 1959 or earlier. This means that the likelihood of foundation damage in homes in Gadsden is higher than normal. In addition, the city receives occasional earthquakes, tornadoes, and other extreme weather events. 

Shifting soil also is a contributing issue to foundation damage. When the soil under the foundation moves too much and the foundation can’t take it, the result is damage. You’ll know if there’s foundation damage in your home if you notice moisture in the basement or crawl space. Other indications include cracked or bowed walls, crooked doors, and uneven or sagging floors. When you notice any of those, you’re going to need the help of the experts from Ox Foundation Solutions.

At Ox Foundation Solutions. our certified technicians have state-of-the-art methods and tools for repairing foundations quickly and inexpensively.  

Concrete Leveling & Crawl Space Repairs by Ox Foundation Solutions in Gadsden, Alabama

At Ox Foundation Solutions, we understand the importance of the foundation. Most of our services are centered on repairing and preventing damage to the foundation. Some of our most popular services for customers in Gadsden AL include:

Basement Waterproofing - Gadsden experienced more than 200 floods from 1950 to 2010, so it’s an absolute must to waterproof your basement. Even if you live in an area that is unlikely to be flooded, moisture can still enter your basement and cause mold and water damage, which can compromise the integrity of your home. Leaks and burst pipe also happen. Contact us today and ask us how we can help you protect your basement. 

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Foundation Repair - The main cause of damage to the foundation is the shifting of the ground beneath it. Even small cracks can cause big damage as time progresses. Moisture can seep in and worsen the problem. Insects can pass through those cracks and get inside your home. Ask us how we can mitigate the problem.

Concrete Leveling and Lifting - It used to be that the only solution for uneven pavement is to remove the concrete and replace it entirely. Not anymore. We now have faster and more cost-effective methods of fixing uneven pavement. Our OxPoly® System levels uneven pavement effectively, quickly and at less expense. 

Crawl Space Repairs - As much as half of the air inside the house flows from the basement and crawl spaces. It is important to keep crawl spaces dry and clean at all times so the air that you breathe indoors is also kept clean. 

Trust Ox Foundation Solutions for Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repairs in Gadsden, AL

Choose Ox Foundation Solutions for your foundation repair, waterproofing, and concrete lifting needs in Gadsden, AL. For years, we have set the industry standard for customers throughout Alabama. When you need our services, call 205-303-3404 for a free estimate. You can also contact us page for additional information or to make an appointment. 

Customer Reviews from Gadsden
Alex S. from Gadsden, AL
4.5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Feb 19th, 2020
Had some foundation issues we needed resolving! Ox did a great job.
Alex S. from Gadsden, AL
4.5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Feb 19th, 2020
Water came in and cracked my wall. Ox repaired the issue! They where very accessible through the whole job.
Mark Hemrick from Gadsden, AL
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jan 29th, 2020
I was very pleased the service was great!
Randall Gober from Gadsden, AL
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jan 28th, 2020
Uneven concrete that they leveled out for us ! They where really great to work with !
Brian Bowman from Gadsden, AL
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jul 10th, 2019
We had a foundation issue and some piers were installed to fix the issue and I was totally satisfied with the results.
Estimate Requests from Gadsden
David J. on September 18, 2019 12:57:28pm
Trying to find out if you all do leveling for manufactured homes ? If so please contact me with the informatione above. Thanks for your time! David
Angie K. on April 16, 2019 9:01:51am
The customer has floors that are buckling after the house has settled.
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