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Somerville, AL is a town located in Morgan County, with a population of 724 as of the 2010 census. Over the years, Somerville has experienced tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, tropical storms, hail, ice storms, and winter storms. All of these extreme weather phenomena make it difficult to keep your basement dry. At the same time, they can also cause damage to your property’s foundation. Ox Foundation Solutions provides foundation repair services as well as basement waterproofing services in Somerville. 

Ox Foundation Solutions aims to provide you with a safer and healthier home. You can count on us to always deliver excellent service. We only work with highly qualified technicians who are fully certified and well trained. We have received awards from Angie’s List and Home Advisor. We are an accredited Better Business Bureau business. We have a builders license in Alabama and we are endorsed by the Alabama Home Builders Association. Very few of our competitors can say the same. When you choose Ox Foundation, you are choosing the industry leader. 

Ox Foundations Provides Concrete Lifting Services in Somerville, AL

Our mission is to help you maintain a safe and healthy home. Our services ensure that your basement stays dry and your foundation is always in good condition. Here are some of the services that Ox Foundation Solutions offers in Somerville, AL.

Basement Waterproofing - It is truly an engineering challenge to keep your basement dry because water will naturally flow downward. Ox Foundation Solutions offers a sub-floor drainage system that effectively removes water from your basement. It will not get clogged by the soil underneath your basement. To learn more about how this works, please give us a call. 

Concrete Leveling and Lifting - Concrete naturally forms very tiny cracks as it dries. These tiny cracks serve as opening for moisture and insects to get in. The natural movement of the soil underneath the pavement can also cause cracks and uneven pavement. Before, you’d have to remove the old pavement and rebuild it. Today, it’s a lot easier. With our concrete lifting system, we can make your uneven pavement look as good as new. It won’t take too much time and it’s friendly on your budget too. 

Foundation Repair - We pride ourselves in being able to provide true life-of-structure warranty for our helical pier installation jobs. In Alabama, you must have the right accreditation and permits to be able to offer such an amazing warranty. Ox Foundation Solutions is one of the very few contractors able to do so. 

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