Repairing & Maintaining Your Sump Pump System in Alabama

One of the best ways to give your basement drainage system a long-lasting and healthy shape is to install a Sump Pump system. Sump Pump systems for many years especially in recent times have turned out to be a great investment for many homeowners in Alabama. The reason why they use it simple because it is the best way to prevent water and moisture from entering your basement drainage system. 

However, just by installing a sump pump your job doesn't end right there. Sump Pump is a system that requires regular checkup, repairing, and maintenance in order to keep it running almost perfectly. If you keep your sump pump regularly checked then it might save you real money and also giving your home a lively environment that it deserves. 

If you are living in  Ashville, Bryant, Cleveland, Morris, Rainsville, Alpine, and many more areas covering the Greater of Alabama then please give us a call at 205-303-3404 for exclusive sump pump repairing and maintenance services. 

Repairing Sump Pump System

How do we Service Your Sump Pump System?

  • Test & Clean Your Sump Pump System: Your sump pump consists of many moving parts that can wear down or need replacement. Your service technician will begin by checking your sump pump's float switch and intake for any possible problems. After this, the intake valve and impeller will be cleaned and checked to make sure they are functioning properly.

    Once the service technician finds that the pump is working correctly, the sump pump liner will be cleaned of any sediment or silt that may be present. This important step will keep it from building in the future and potentially clogging check valves, etc.

  • Test & Replace Batteries: The battery in your WaterWatch® Sump Pump Alarm should be replaced once a year, and the service technician will take care of this during the visit. Additionally, the battery for your backup sump pump will be tested to make sure it's holding a proper charge.
  • Service Your Dehumidifier: Our  dehumidifiers include two filters that will need to be maintained. The pre-filter can be cleaned, while the air filter will be replaced. But first a small inspection will be conducted.
Repairing Sump Pump System
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