Float Switches Installation For Sump Pump in Alabama

Are you looking for safe and reliable floated switches for your sump pump? If so, yes, you are in the right place. Ox Foundation Solutions offers fast, reliable, and emergency sump-pump installation services at an affordable price in Alabama for many years. We have certified basement waterproofing and foundation repair specialists and edge-cutting technology.

If you are living in ClevelandMorris, and other cities within Alabama, we can help you out to get your reliable float switch installation. To know more information, call us at 205-303-3404. You can even contact us online to talk with our experts.

install the Float Switch for the Sump Pump

Why Do You Need to Install the Float Switch for the Sump Pump?

A Float Switch Can Prevent Mold Growth & Save Your Expenses

The float switch in a sump pump senses a rise in water level. Normally installed in the closed position, so that when the water level rises, the electrical circuit closes. This allows current to flow, signaling a pump to empty the tank of water. As a result, it is a core part of preventing flooding.

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Why Choose Ox Foundations

Why Choose Ox Foundations Over Other Foundation Companies?

We offer a true life of the structure warranty that is transferable:

  • It is a true warranty because we have all of the needed licenses & insurance to back up our repair work.
  • In the state of Alabama to do helical piers & offer this warranty, you have to have a builders license & be endorsed by the Alabama Home Builders Association.
  • The majority of our competitors do not have this!
  • We do all of this work in the house & do not use subcontractors for this repair.

Let Ox Foundation Install Float Switch in Your Sump Pump

Our services are including: 

You can rely on us to get the best solution deal ever possible in any of your emergencies including Float Switches Installation in Alabama. We are your local, nearest, and reliable emergency service providing company. Contact Ox Foundations for installing a float switch in your sump pump. Our experts are ready to give you free estimates of your needs. Feel free to call us at 205-303-3404 to know more information or you can contact us online to take expert advice now. 

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