Sump Pump Float Switches Installed in Birmingham & Montgomery, AL

If your sump pump is acting unreliable, it might be the float switch, or that sensor that warns your sump pump of rising water levels. The sensor completes the circuit that turns on the pump to begin removing basement water. A malfunctioning float switch won't turn on your sump pump. 

Ox Foundation Solutions provides reliable, effective float switch installation at affordable rates for homes or businesses throughout Alabama, and on an emergency basis.

We provide float switch installation or repair in Ashville, BryantBirmingham, Bessemer, Montgomery, HuntsvilleClevelandMorris, and throughout our AL service area. Let us repair or replace that unreliable float switch. Call us today at 205-303-3404 or contact us online to learn more about float switch installation.

install the Float Switch for the Sump Pump

OX Has Superior Float Switches in Troy, AL

Float switch installation by the professionals at OX Foundation Solutions can help prevent basement flooding, dampness, mold contamination, and save waterproofing costs down the line.

A sump pump float switch senses water levels rising. Without one, a sump pump requires manual operation. Installed in the open-circuit position, float switches close the circuit when they sense water has risen to a minimum level. They activate the sump pump and begin emptying the sump pit of standing water.

A float switch utilizes flood control automatically without manual operation, but it needs occasional testing, maintenance, repair or replacement by professionals such as those at OX Foundation Solutions. For assistance throughout AL with float switch installation, call 205-303-3404.

Why Choose Ox Foundations

Why OX For Float Switches in Hoover, AL?

There are many float switch installation service providers, but OX Foundation Solutions is the superior choice because:

  • Transferrable lifetime warranty for our waterproofing services
  • Certified, licensed and insured to back up our work
  • Endorsed by Alabama Home Builders Association for helical pier work and requisite warranties
  • Credentials superior to most competitors
  • No subcontractors
  • Locally owned, not franchised

Trust Ox Foundation to Install Float Switches in Birmingham, AL

Rely on OX Foundation Solutions for top-quality results and satisfaction with our sump pump float switch installation in Ashville, BryantBirmingham, Bessemer, Montgomery, HuntsvilleClevelandMorris, and throughout our AL service area. We are your local, most reliable and efficient waterproofing service provider across Alabama.

OX is ready with free estimates for your float switch installation. Call 205-303-3404 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation today. Additional waterproofing services include:

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