Changes in Ground Water Levels in Birmingham, AL

Changes in groundwater level are a crucial factor for maintaining the sump pump. Not maintaining the level can even cause serious damage to it. Various house owners living around Birmingham, Bessemer, and other regions of Alabama face the same issue where they are unable to maintain the level of groundwater which eventually damages the sump pump drastically.

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Ground Water Levels in Birmingham, AL

How To Notice The Changes in Groundwater Levels

To understand the change in the water level we have to know the standard level only. Here are the things which should be closely observed-

  • The water in the sump pit must be no more than 2-3 inches. This level is quite enough to keep your pump happy and also make sure it works properly when you need it to.
  • On the other hand, the pump should work when the water level is 6-7 inches below the ground floor. This indicates that the sump pit must be approximately 10 inches deep.
  • If you keep the water at least 6 inches below the floor surface then you have a safety cushion if you face a flash flood. But it also indicates that if the water does not wick upwards, it may give you a damp floor

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