Causes of Basement Leaks in Alabama

You don’t need a large amount of water to cause notable damage in the basement. Tiny cracks & seeping water is just enough to create problematic circumstances. Basement leaks lead to a wet basement that incorporates damage as well as encourages mold growth. Water leaks may affect belongings stored in the basement. Molds on the other hand can impact your entire home, including your family’s health.

Water Leaks in the Basement: How It Happens

leaked basement

It is important to know the causes of basement leaks to identify possible water intrusion & call for help at the right time. Some mentionable causes of basement leaks include:

  • Foundation settlement: Foundation walls may develop cracks due to settlement, shifting soil, or other structural issues. These cracks can create a pathway for water to enter the basement.
  • Faulty drainage: Poorly designed drainage is unable to direct water away from your home. The water eventually forces its way into the basement due to hydrostatic pressure as it has nowhere else to go.
  • Hydrostatic pressure: As water accumulates around the foundation, it exerts pressure on the basement walls. This pressure can force water through any available openings, including cracks, crevices, or gaps.
  • Improperly sealed basement: Aging window frames, gaps around the window, or ineffective window wells can lead to basement leaks. Poorly sealed basement windows & vents are a common source of leaks.

Prevent Basement Leaks: Let The Professionals Do It

Correcting the problems mentioned above is not enough to stop water leaks. Water & moisture will always find their way inside the basement anyhow. What you need is a proactive system that keeps water from causing issues in the basement.

The professionals from OX Foundation Solutions have years of experience in basement waterproofing. We have the expertise to provide effective solutions to your leaky basement issues. Call us at 205-303-3404 to learn more about how we protect your basement from water damage.

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