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Concrete Leveling & Lifting

Concrete Leveling & Lifting in Birmingham

Effective Solutions for Sunken Foundations, Driveways, Sidewalks & More

Foundation cracks and imperfections from a slab settlement can affect both new and existing structures. Whether you are dealing with a sinking slab in your basement, garage, driveway, or patio, a common solution is to demolish and replace the entire slab. Not only is that approach incredibly expensive, but it is also unnecessary.

Instead, Ox Foundation Solutions offers a more cost-effective alternative with OxPoly, a concrete-lifting and leveling process that is faster, less disruptive, and less expensive than other common slab-raising methods.

With OxPoly®, you can create a permanent fix in a fraction of the time and at far less cost than it would require to tear up and replace your existing slab.

Learn more about your options by calling us at (205) 839-7950 or filling out our online contact form. Our Birmingham concrete leveling and lifting specialists can help you determine the right solution for your needs.

Efficient & Economical Sunken Concrete Repair with OxPoly®

The OxPoly® process involves drilling one or more small holes in the sunken area of your slab and then injecting an expanding “geotechnical” foam beneath the slab. As the foam expands because of a chemical reaction, it pushes the slab back toward its original position. Our certified technician controls the injection process for just the right amount of slab-raising action.

Because the OxPoly® foam is both lightweight and durable, it is able to support and lift sunken concrete back to its original level without adding weight to the slab. That is a major improvement over traditional mudjacking, where the weight of the “slurry” mixture is pumped under the slab but its weight can cause the slab to sink further if the soil beneath cannot support the load.

With OxPoly®, that is not an issue. An added value is less cost, downtime and disruption. That is why OxPoly® offers numerous advantages for both residential and commercial applications.

Professional Sinking Concrete Slab Lifting

Underneath all concrete slabs is the soil that retains the concrete's weight. But there may be a situation where the soil loses its strength and becomes unable to carry its weight, resulting in a sinking slab. This has been one of the most common problems related to concrete lifting and leveling that requires serious attention from professionals such as ourselves. 

We can help raise and level concrete slabs of all kinds:

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Signs of Sinking Slab

Some of the common symptoms of a sinking slab include:

  • Sagging floors
  • Doors jamming
  • Cracks in your floor
  • Wall cracks
  • Stuck windows

How Do I Prevent a Possible Sinking Slab?

First, you should seal all open cracks and joints with a polyurethane or silicone caulk. Large gaps can be filled with a backer rod first and then caulked on top. You will also want to make sure downspouts are discharging at least five feet away from any concrete slab – the farther, the better. You should tightly pack any open sides of a slab with soil to ensure runoff water is not going below the concrete.

If you are having new concrete installed, ensure the base is at least 4” of gravel and gets compacted. The base should not move when you stomp your feet on it. Also, all downspouts that are close to any slab, such as a walkway, should be installed below the concrete and extended into the yard.

Concrete Leveling FAQs

Would you like to learn more about our OxPoly concrete leveling system? Check out these frequently asked questions to discover everything there is to know about concrete leveling and to find answers to many of your questions.

If you still have a question after reading our concrete leveling FAQ, please contact us and we will gladly answer any queries you may have!

How does your concrete leveling work?

Our concrete leveling system works by pumping pressurized foam in liquid form under the concrete slab, which causes it to rise back to its original position.

Does the foam go bad or break down?

No, this foam was created exclusively for the concrete leveling business, and it is a closed-cell product that will not degrade over time. It cures and becomes solid after being injected beneath the slab.

How do you get the foam under the concrete?

We drill little holes in the concrete about the size of a dime and inject the two-part foam agent through them. After the leveling procedure is completed, the holes are permanently sealed with a concrete repair.

How long until we can use the repaired concrete surface?

Concrete that has been lifted is usually ready to use right away after it has been leveled. Because the foam just takes 20 minutes to cure, it's safe to use right after we're done!

Is concrete leveling expensive?

No, leveling concrete usually costs less than half the replacement price. Another advantage is that if you're just changing one slab of concrete among several, it will stand out. Concrete leveling eliminates the need for a separate colored slab, making it more visually pleasing.

What causes the concrete to sink?

There are a variety of factors that might cause concrete to settle over time. Contributing factors include soil composition, moisture content, tree roots, drainage issues, and inadequately packed soil after construction.

Trust Ox Foundation Solutions to Lift & Level Your Slab

A cracked or sinking foundation is no reason to despair, thanks to the proven professionals from Ox Foundation Solutions. The savvy of our certified technicians, combined with our use of the revolutionary OxPoly® process, will have your foundation back up to speed in no time.

When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at (205) 839-7950. Our knowledgeable concrete leveling and lifting experts in Birmingham can get the job done in no time!

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What Clients Think About Us

    "All above and beyond. Appreciate your work ethic."

    Thank you Jackson for being so thorough and detailed with my yearly service and leveling out one of the units and the extra detail to replacing/cleaning the drain lines.

    - CD Jr.
    "Ox Foundation did a great job!"

    A sweet lady at Ox even called me every morning to tell me the crew on the way and when to expect them, that was really nice.

    - George F.
    "Thank you Ox Foundations!!!!"

    This was the best decision we could have made. We got the house, that we loved, and Ox took us through each phase of the repair.

    - Al C.
    "I would highly recommend them!"

    I am very pleased with the work that all of the Ox Foundation Crews did.

    - Matt C.
    "Ox did a great job for us!"

    Choosing the right company to do our work was a tedious process, but we could not be happier with our choice.

    - Jim B.
    "Thank you, Jackson and Ox Foundation!"

    Ox Foundations strives for excellence, and it is shown in their work and employees!

    - Shannon N.
    "I highly recommend OX!"

    They were courteous and professional and their work was excellent.

    - Alan T.
    "Highly recommend using Ox for any crawl space issues you might have."

    He explained how the maintenance program would work and got us taken care of quickly.

    - Evan M.

The Ox Foundation Solutions Difference

We know there are a lot of companies claiming to be foundation and waterproofing specialists, but we're confident we offer superior service with work you can trust. We work with our clients to help you get the repairs you need to feel safe and healthy in your home.

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