Basement Wall Panels in Alabama

Ox Foundation Solutions offers Ox WhiteWall® Basement Wall Panels which can easily transform damp, ugly basement walls into bright, beautiful walls that never need paint or other maintenance.  The OX WhiteWall® system includes semi-rigid, white plastic panels, trim strips used to join panels together and plastic fasteners that are used to attach panels to the foundation wall.

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Like our other basement wall products, OX WhiteWall® panels are designed to work with our waterproofing system.  Once installed, OX WhiteWall® panels will direct wall seepage down to perimeter drain lines that carry water to a sump pump.

OX WhiteWall® Panel Benefits:

  • Waterproof, stain-resistant & easy to clean
  • Effective moisture & vapor barrier
  • Maintenance-free (no painting required)
  • Use over poured or block concrete walls
Basement Wall Panel System

Treat Your Alabama Home to an OX WhiteWall® Basement Wall Panel System

Instead of painting basement walls and worrying about when peeling and seepage will start, do away with these problems by installing OX WhiteWall® panels. Call 205-303-3404 or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation and an OX WhiteWall® installation estimate.

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