CleanSpace Wall System in Alabama

The clean space wall system is a great way to prevent water damage and mold growth in your basement. It reduces humidity, prevents wall breaches, and makes the basement more livable. Residents living in Bessemer, Montgomery, and other cities around the service area who have basements with stone walls can benefit from using a clean space wall system.

The clean space wall system entirely encases a basement's foundation walls with a thick white poly sheet material (20mil). To install CleanSpace, it is needed to press-fit plastic fasteners drilled into the concrete, and the material is then fastened to the rim joist above the foundation wall.

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Advantages of CleanSpace Wall System

CleanSpace wall system does a good job of creating a moisture and vapor barrier as a component of the waterproofing system you have. Your perimeter drainage system will receive all wall seepage and moisture since the wall covering is designed to drive it there.

The brilliant, stain-resistant finish that is provided by the white poly surface does not need ever to be repainted or maintained. This removes the need to paint the basement walls. Even though it has popular use in uneven stone walls, it is also being used over poured concrete, and concrete blocks. It can capture all wall seepage and leaks very easily.

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