Thermal Drywall System in Montgomery & Hoover, AL

Many residents living in Montgomery, Hoover, and other cities around the service area are switching to thermal drywall systems for the additional benefits it provides. Not only it improves comfort but also it is energy efficient. It is done by reflecting heat back into the basement space.

But the main question lies in which contractors to use for installing thermal drywall systems at the best price. We at OX Foundation Solutions offer fast installation service at an affordable price so that you can complete the whole project at an ease. So to get our effective service at an affordable rate call us at 205-303-3404 or contact us online.

Benefits of Using a Thermal Drywall System

If you want to turn your basement into a habitable space, the ThermalDry Basement Wall System is a great investment. By using this method, new walls may be constructed within existing, treated-with-ThermalDry foundation walls. The reflective foil is applied to one side of the flexible poly sheet material that makes up the ThermalDry wall covering.

The bubble wrap insulates by creating air pockets near the basement wall. The side of the sheet covered in foil is the one you want to put in your basement, as it will help to reflect warm air back up there.

The amount of heat lost through your basement walls will be minimized in the winter with the installation of a ThermalDry wall. When applied to basement walls, it forms a highly efficient moisture and vapor barrier that facilitates the regulation of humidity.

Believe in Us for Superior Thermal Drywall System Solution for your Basement

At Ox Foundation Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing effective basement solutions for our clients living in Knoxville, Cleveland, and other regions throughout the service area. We also provide other reliable services such as Zenwall panels, CleanSpace drywall system, and many more. Contact us today at 205-303-3404 or contact us online to arrange a consultation.

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