Uneven Stone Walls in Birmingham & Hoover, AL

There are many houses in Birmingham, Hoover, and other cities throughout the services area that basement walls made of uneven stone walls which are getting damage from water leaks and moisture every year.

These water leaks can even lead to structural damage and restoration can cause a hefty amount of expenditure. That is why it is important to waterproof your basement walls so that they can protect themselves from any kind of water damage. Ox Foundation Solutions provides effective solutions for waterproofing your basement walls like uneven stone walls. So to get our effective service at an affordable rate call us at 205-303-3404 or click here.

Benefits of Basement Wall System for Uneven Stone Walls

When you are waterproofing your basement walls like uneven stone walls, you get the following benefits in the long run. Some of the benefits are given below-

Minimize Structural Damage: Keeping the foundation is crucial to make sure you keep your home standing from any kind of major damage throughout the overs. Waterproofing the basement walls ensures that no moisture can pass through the foundation. That is because the moisture can damage the walls over a period of time. Moisture is well known for damaging the vital parts of your house, such as joints and edges where the walls and floor meet. If prevention is not taken then the damage can be catastrophic.

Minimize Energy Costs: It is important to waterproof the basement walls because water damage can play a crucial role in increasing the utility bill. The increase of excess moisture can lead the humidity to surge. This surge can cause your HVAC system to work double-time during summer.

Uneven stone wall

Choose Us for Waterproofing Your Basement Uneven Stone Walls

Here at Ox Foundation Solutions, we believe in providing the best quality service at the most affordable price. We provide a wide range of basement wall system services for concrete wall cover, concrete block, etc in Knoxville, Cleveland, and other regions around the services areas. So if you are living in the above-mentioned area and require the best basement wall system service such as uneven stone walls then call us at 205-303-3404.

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