Zenwall Panel for Basement Walls in Alabama

If you are planning to paint your foundation walls or build wood-frame, gypsum-paneled walls, then it might not be the best decision. Instead, you can use ZenWall panels. With its versatility as a covering for both concrete foundation walls and internal partition walls, the ZenWall basement paneling system is a common choice for basement finishing. ZenWall panels protect from moisture and cold in addition to a beautiful wall surface.

Here at OX Foundation Solutions, we provide the best installation service for ZenWall panels at the best price. Our experts use the best technology and methods to install those panels as soon as possible. So, if you are living in Birmingham, Montgomery, or other cities around the service area and require the best zenwall panel installation and other basement waterproofing services, then call us at 205-303-3404 or contact us online.

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Why Do Many Homeowners Prefer Zenwall panels?

Each ZenWall basement wall panel features a reflective radiant barrier backing and an insulated core. Together, these elements make your basement more comfortable and prevent touch with the concrete walls' chilly, damp surfaces. Additionally, any wall seepage is sent by the basement wall panels to the perimeter drainage system, keeping your basement floor free of any water damage.

14-inch-thick panels and vinyl molding profiles are utilized at all panel connections and terminations in the ZenWall basement wall paneling system. Each panel has a textured vinyl surface that is both visually appealing and very stain-resistant on the "display" side. Additionally, it is wipeable with a moist cloth and waterproof. Numerous homes like the textured finish and the versatile moderate tan tone. For these reasons, this has become a popular choice among many homeowners.

Count on Us for Superior Zenwall Panel Installation Service

Here at OX Foundation Solutions, we use high-end solutions for installing Zenwall panels in your basement. We also provide other effective services for basement wall systems such as the CleanSpace drywall systems, Thermal drywall systems, etc. To install Zenwall panels in your house, call us at 205-303-3404 or contact us online.

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