Clogged Drainage Pipe Repair Services in Birmingham, Hoover, & Cleveland

Over time the original footing drains and French drains that were installed at the time of construction begin to Fail within the first 1-5 years. While some contractors install a 4’’ corrugated SOCK pipe (a pipe with a micro-fiber sleeve) most do not. This allows mud and silt to clog the lines that are designed to drain rain water away form your foundation. While gravel is suggested and even required in many municipalities to be used as backfill in connection with the above Footing or French Drains many times it is not. A lack of Gravel will also cause your footing drains and French drains to clog over time. These clogged drains will lead to water in your home, moisture problems, as well as structural problems!

Clogged Drainage Pipe Repair Services in Alabama

Why Do Drainage Pipes Clog?

As rainwater seeps into the ground and gathers up against the basement wall, footing drains to move the water away from the basement wall. However, particles in the soil and mud enter the drain along with the water and form layers of sediment over time. Eventually, they block the waterway is no longer effective in removing water away.

Clogged Drainage Pipe Repair

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