Indoor Air Quality Control in Montgomery & Huntsville, AL

OX Foundation Solutions offers dehumidification services to control the indoor air quality of your basement. Apparently, moisture & water in the basement leads to problems such as mold & mildew growth, dust mites, pests, and more. 

These living organisms no matter how small, feed on your property, make it their habitat, and excrete in your basement as well. Moreover, molds release thousands of tiny airborne mold spores that further degrade the conditions in the basement.

OX Foundation Solutions’ basement waterproofing services along with dehumidification can eliminate such issues. We also have the expertise to prevent them from coming back in the future. Our dehumidification services focus on the main issue; excess moisture. Let our experts control indoor air quality and make it healthier for your family. Give us a call at 205-303-3404 or click here to request a quote.

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Improve Basement Indoor Air Quality

Did you know most of the air you & your family breathes circulates from the basement? If the air inside your basement is moldy, and filled with contaminants, your family will be inhaling the same air. This could also make your loved ones sick. Prevent such conditions from arising with expert help from OX Foundation Solutions.

We have the resources to improve the quality of the indoor air by taking care of your basement. Additional services we offer to ensure a healthy basement include:

Basement Dehumidification for Your Home in Birmingham & Athens

OX Foundation Solutions have the resources to dehumidify your basement and eliminate the negative effects of moisture. If you are a property owner who wants to improve the indoor air quality of your home & basement, give us a call 205-303-3404. Our services are available in Athens, Birmingham, Huntsville, Jemison, & other nearby areas in Alabama.

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