Leaking Window Well Repair in Birmingham & Huntsville, AL

OX Foundation Solutions is the number #1 company in Birmingham for repairing basement leaks & similar issues. We have the resources to fix all sorts of leaks, cracks, and moisture-related problems in the basement. Similarly, we offer effective treatment & repair services for leaking basement window well.

Clogged window wells can fill up with water, causing some to leak into your basement. This may cause water damage to your basement walls, floors, & more. Additionally, it may also encourage mold growth. The certified experts from OX Foundation Solutions have the skills to stop the leak and protect your basement from water damage. We are serving Montgomery, Mobile, Jasper, Huntsville, & other nearby areas in Alabama. Give us a call TODAY at 205-303-3404 for a free estimate & inspection.


Customized Solutions for Your Basement

When dealing with a leaking window well we consider your window well's unique characteristics and the surrounding landscape to deliver a lasting solution. Our experienced professionals utilize specialized techniques to repair the leak and prevent future water intrusion effectively. When necessary, our team also assesses the existing drainage system and makes necessary improvements to ensure efficient water flow away from the window well.

We believe in providing customized solutions that address the specific needs of your basement window well to stop water intrusion & water damage. Additional services we offer concerning basements include:

Rely On OX Foundation Solutions for Effective Leaking Window Well Repair

A leaking window well may cause a multitude of problems including water infiltration, mold growth & structural damage. Don't let a leaking basement window well compromise the integrity and safety of your basement. Protect your basement from water damage with our professional window well repair services. Contact OX Foundation Solutions today at 205-303-3404 to schedule a consultation and let our experts repair your window well.

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