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Would you like to learn more about our OxPoly concrete leveling system? Check out these frequently asked questions to discover everything there is to know about concrete leveling and to find answers to many of your questions.

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Our concrete leveling system works by pumping pressurized foam in liquid form under the concrete slab, which causes it to rise back to its original position.

No, this foam was created exclusively for the concrete leveling business, and it is a closed-cell product that will not degrade over time. It cures and becomes solid after being injected beneath the slab.

We drill little holes in the concrete about the size of a dime and inject the two-part foam agent through them. After the leveling procedure is completed, the holes are permanently sealed with a concrete repair.

Concrete that has been lifted is usually ready to use right away after it has been leveled. Because the foam just takes 20 minutes to cure, it's safe to use right after we're done!

No, leveling concrete usually costs less than half the price of replacing it. Another advantage is that if you're just changing one slab of concrete among several, it will stand out. Concrete leveling eliminates the need for a separate colored slab, making it more visually pleasing.

There are a variety of factors that might cause concrete to settle over time. Contributing factors include soil composition, moisture content, tree roots, drainage issues, and inadequately packed soil after construction.

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