Moldy Crawl Space Repair & Dehumidification In Birmingham & Montgomery, AL

Crawl spaces are prone to excess moisture content during snowy winters and humid summers. A high moisture crawl space will lay the foundation for mold growth damaging the structural integrity. Further worst, as a property's air ventilation is in a bottom-up order, mold-infested air will circulate in your home if it has a moldy crawlspace.

To avoid such a condition dehumidification can be of great help. It extracts the extra moisture in the air, as a result, there will be no scope for any mold growth. Ox Foundation Solutions, the crawlspace repair expert in Alabama, provides a self-draining dehumidification system that feeds directly into the sump pump while conditioning the air in your crawlspace. Furthermore, if you already have a moldy crawlspace and looking for a solution, feel free to call us at 205-303-3404 to know how we can help.

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Dangers From A Moldy Crawlspace

  • Human health risk: Mold exposure aggravates diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, and migraines. 
  • Property damage: Mold damage to your home's crawlspace causes wood rot and when it spreads, even wall damage and structural damage to the foundation of the property.  
  • Aggravated allergy: Inhaling mold spores promotes allergy symptoms such as stuffy, nose, itchy, watery eyes, skin rashes, sore throat, post nasal drip, cough, and excessive sneezing. 
  • Toxic mold syndrome: One of the riskiest health damage when exposed to some specific kinds of mold is called toxic mold damage. It causes side effects which include, mental confusion, memory loss, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and loss of sleep. 
  • Property value decreases: Mold damage to your home decreases its market value.
  • HVAC damage: A moldy crawl space will cause mold to spread to the HVAC system. This way mold spores can pass through the air ducts polluting your home. 
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To Say Goodbye To Mold Once And For All Call Ox Foundation Solutions

At Ox Foundation Solutions we have been providing crawlspace service in Alabama for over four and a half decades. Other than dehumidification and repair, we also provide encapsulation, waterproofing, insulation and many other services for your crawlspace. Reach us at our contact us page here, to obtain our services available in Birmingham, Huntsville, MontogomeryHoover, Phenix City, and other cities throughout Alabama.  

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