Benefits of a Sealed Crawl Space in Birmingham, Alabama?

There are many benefits of sealing your crawl space by encapsulating. Give us a call at 205-303-3404 and our friendly customer care team will answer any questions. We offer free estimates, so there's no risk to have your crawl space inspected. Here are a few of them:

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Benefits

Icon Cleaner Air

Cleaner Air: Did you know that air from the crawl space can account for up to half of the air you breathe? If you don't have a crawl, sealed crawl space, you probably are not breathing clean air. A sealed crawl space keeps contaminated air from seeping through perimeter walls, ductwork and HVAC leaks, or any openings in the sub-floor.  

Icon Humidity Control

Humidity Control: A moist, damp area is a perfect environment for mold and fungal growth, which is usually the definition of an unfinished crawl space.  Mold cannot grow at or below 55% relative humidity, removing the source of the moisture can prevent its growth and spread. 

Icon Structural Integrity

Structural Integrity: Even treated lumber can become rotten over time when exposed to damp conditions.  Don't take the risk with tour wooden structural support beams and floor joints.  Ensure they stay dry and strong. 

Icon Provides Better Insdivation Value to the Home

Provides Better Insdivation Value to the HomeMost of us have walked out in our bare feet on a cold day. The ground definitely feels colder than the air most times.  It's the same with your house floor if you don't have it sealed.  Having a barrier between the crawl space and floor will keep cold air from entering and help you save on your electric bill as well as making it feel warmer. 

Icon Insect Intrusion

Insect Intrusion: Most homeowners avoid the crawl space pke the plague due to the presence of unwelcome bugs and other visitors.  A damp environment is pke laying out a welcome mat.  Encapsdivation keeps the area dry and less inviting to bugs and other "friends".

Icon Increased Storage Area For Your Home

Increased storage area for your homeIf the crawl space is 3 feet or higher, encapsdivating can create a nice and clean secondary storage area.

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