Crawl Space Encapsulation Cost in Alabama

Crawl space encapsulation is an effective way of keeping moisture out. This keeps your home healthy, preventing mold & mildew growth, and keeps the indoor air fresh. OX Foundation Solutions offers reliable crawl space encapsulation to maintain a dry & secure environment. However, many homeowners have questions regarding encapsulation cost. Let our qualified specialists determine the cost of encapsulating your crawl space.

OX Foundation Solutions offers free estimate for your crawl space needs. Allow our certified team to assess your crawl space condition, and define an estimated cost.

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Common Factors That Affect Encapsulation Cost

crawl space encapsulation

Before your crawl space can be encapsulated, it needs to be in a dry & clean condition. If it is damaged, dirty, or mold-infested, the problem needs to be resolved first. Let’s dive into common factors that crawl space encapsulation cost depends on:

  • Size of the crawl space: The larger the crawl space, the more materials are needed to encapsulate it.
  • Condition of the crawl space: The price of encapsulation may increase if structural repairs or water damage restoration are required before the process can begin.
  • Type of encapsulation material: High-quality, better encapsulating materials may affect the cost but provide better long-term protection.
  • Moisture control: In conditions where the moisture levels are too high, extra measures need to be taken that may increase the overall cost. This includes installing dehumidifiers, sump pumps & more.

Rely on OX Foundation Solutions for Your Crawl Space Needs

To get an accurate estimate of the cost of crawl space encapsulation for your specific property, call 205-303-3404 to schedule a consultation with our experienced professionals. We can assess your crawl space, understand your needs, and provide you with a customized cost estimate based on your situation.

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