Vapor Barrier for the Crawl Space in Alabama

A dirt crawl space beneath your home or office is typically saturated with moisture. Because warm air rises, the moisture in the crawl space will rise and enter your building. In fact, 50% of the air you breathe inside your home comes from your crawl space.

You can make sure that air is clean and healthy by installing a HEALTHY CRAWL™ vapor barrier for your crawl space from Ox Foundation Solutions. By adding a HealthyCrawl crawl space vapor barrier to your home or office in Alabama, you will block crawl-space moisture and solid gases from entering your home or office.

Encapsulating your crawl space provides protection from moisture-related issues such as mold, floor failure, odors, insects, and dust mites. The improved air quality inside your home will benefit residents and the added layer of protection from damp, harmful, crawl-space contaminants will lower your utility bills.

A 20MIL Woven Polyethylene Fire Retardant vapor barrier is Class A fire-rated and will protect your structure from multiple perils. Combine the barrier with a crawl space liner and dehumidifier, like a Healthy Shield and Watchdog NXT85, and you will soon have the driest, healthiest crawl space in Alabama.  

Benefits of a HEALTHY CRAWL™ Vapor Barrier in Alabama

  • Reduces moisture & soil gas in the crawl space
  • Allows crawl space to be used for storage
  • Reduces condensation, mold growth, & poor indoor air quality
  • Protects the structure from mold, floor failure, increased utility bills, odor, insects, and dust mites.
Vapor Barrier for the Crawl Space

Trust Ox Foundation Solutions to Protect Your Crawl Space with a HEALTHY CRAWL™ Vapor Barrier

Customers in Alabama understand the need for a dry, healthy crawl space. The best way to make that happen is with a HEALTHY CRAWL™ crawl space vapor barrier from Ox Foundation Solutions. Give us a call today at  205-303-3404 or contact Ox Foundation Solutions online when you are ready to upgrade your crawl space and protect your home or office with a HEALTHY CRAWL™ vapor barrier. We service most of Alabama, including Birmingham, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa & the Huntsville area.

Crawl Space Repair Installation Jobs

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Pell City, AL


To solve the sloping floors we installed 8 steel crawl space jacks and to solve the moisture issue we installed the entire crawl space encapsulation system. We also add a dehumidification system to control the moisture. Of course, when you seal crawl space, you have to make sure you seal the entire space. So we sealed the vents as well as crawl space door with foam board for air tight access control.


McCalla, AL


Crawlspace Encapsulation - 20 Mil cross-woven polyethylene - Class A fire rated - Sealed seams and penetrations - 25-year warranty against rips and tears.

Healthy Crawl Observation

At the time of the inspection of the crawl space area, no water was present in the area. Due to this our water management system or pump was not quoted in the repair plan. Changes in weather patterns and groundwater levels can change and may or may not require attention in the future. At any time if water intrusion is noted Ox Foundation Solutions will come back and install a needed system at the ADD-ON rates with the encapsulation system.


Watchdog NXT60

Watchdog Seaira NXT60- Energy Star Rated- 11,000 cubic feet coverage area- Digital Display- Quiet Operation- Lightweight- Hot Gas Bypass- Outlet Ducting Options- Auto Restart After Power Outage- Multiple Filter Options- Help Prevent Pest and Mold Infestation- Gravity Drain- 5-year limited Warranty- !!!!!NO ELECTRICAL OUTLET PROVIDED!!!!!!

Woodville, AL

We went to the customer's house and inspected the crawl space and saw sagging floor on one side. So we installed helical pier systems 6 feet a part to jack up the entire house. We also added a few steel crawl space jacks in the middle of the kitchen floor to jack up the middle part of the foundation.

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