Foundation Issues Due to Drought across Alabama

Are you experiencing foundation problems in your home? You may have noticed that your doors and windows are not closing properly, or you may have noticed uneven floors or cracks in the walls. These could be signs of foundation issues, and one of the leading causes of such problems is drought. Drought conditions can wreak havoc on the stability of your home's foundation, leading to costly repairs if left unaddressed.

At OX Foundation Solutions, we understand the importance of a solid foundation for the structural integrity of your property in MontgomeryBirminghamHuntsville, and other areas throughout Alabama. We specialize in providing expert solutions for foundation issues caused by drought, helping homeowners like you protect their most valuable assets. Our foundation repair services are required for property owners who are dealing with foundation issues due to drought. Reach out to us 205-303-3404 or contact us online.

Drought-related foundation problems

Drought-Related Foundation Problems

Drought can significantly impact the soil beneath your home's foundation. When the soil loses moisture, it can shrink, creating empty spaces or voids. The consequences can include cracks in walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as doors and windows that become misaligned and difficult to open or close.

Some common signs of foundation problems caused by drought include:

  • Cracks in walls, floors, or ceilings
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Chimney leaning or tilting
  • Sticking doors or windows
  • Separation between walls and ceilings
  • Gaps around windows or exterior doors
  • Basement or crawl space water intrusion

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Don't let drought-induced foundation issues compromise the safety and stability of your home. As drought conditions continue to affect various regions, it is important to be aware of the potential risks and take proactive measures to protect your property. To help you safeguard your home, we offer professional foundation repair services and advice to address foundation issues caused by drought.

Besides foundation repair, you can also get foundation settlementfoundation stabilizationfoundation waterproofing, and more from us. Call at 205-303-3404 for our services.

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