Stair-Step Cracks Near Windows in Birmingham & Hoover, AL

We all know how important windows are to our homes and offices. They protect us from rain, snow, and other weather conditions. Stair-step cracks near windows are an example of foundation cracks that can happen for a variety of reasons. Through the years, many homeowners and business owners have called us to repair stair-steps cracks near windows.

If such an issue is not treated quickly, it will lead to more extensive damage and more expensive repairs later. When you are in need of foundation repair services in Alabama, Ox Foundation Solutions can repair all types of wall & floor cracks, including stair-step cracks near windows, for our customers in BirminghamTuscaloosaMontgomeryHoover, and dozens of other cities within our service area

At Ox Foundation, we have the perfect tools and equipment to fix any sort of foundation issues let it be cracks in both exterior walls, near windows, or in your home doors. When you need our help, give us a call 205-303-3404

Dangers of Cracks Near Your Windows

Cracks around window frames can appear in a house of any age. They can be the result of the natural settling of a house over time, which causes plaster to crack, or the poor installation of windows. It is usually fairly quick and easy to fill cracks around a window frame and door, so there's no reason to put it off.

When you are ready to stop stair-step cracks near your windows, your first step should be to contact Ox Foundation Solutions ASAP.

Stair-Step Cracks Near Windows

Rely on Ox to Stop Stair-Step Cracks in Birmingham, Hoover, & Montgomery

Ox Foundation Solutions is your best friend when it comes to providing adequate basement waterproofing and foundation repair services in Alabama, including the repair of stair-step cracks near windows. Our experts are well-trained, extremely professional, and licensed. We serve customers in BirminghamHoover, and other cities throughout Alabama.  When you need our help, give us a call 205-303-3404 or click here to make an appointment today!


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