Structural Crack Repair Services in Alabama

Generally, a crack in the structural foundation of your house generally results from poor construction sites, overloading, or poor soil bearing. These cracks may not introduce water right away, but over time, you can rest assured they will. Although there are some underlying symptoms where you may have a well strong foundation build but there are still issues within it. 

Ox Foundation has been providing the best solutions will for all sort of foundation repair problems and have made a habit of earning people's trust. If you live in Abernant, Albertville, Birmingham, Knoxville, Cleveland, and many more areas covering the greater Alabama then please do give us a call at 205-303-3404. Our friendly customer care will always answer your further inquiries. 

Signs of Structural Crack

  • Strange Smells- An unusual or musty smell wafting through the house can be the result of an unsettled foundation.
  • Unusual Humidity- Modern-day homes are usually built with a strong foundation that keeps air outside of housekeeping your home cool. However, facing humidity after that can be worrisome. 
  • Cracked or Bowing Walls- If you see some step cracks or unusual activity on your walls then it may indicate you have a foundation problem.
  • Separating Molding and Baseboards- If your baseboards start to peel away from the corners then it certainly indicates you have structural issues
  • Uneven Floors- Uneven floors can be a rare case and the only possible way is poor construction of the foundation.
  • Crooked Doorways- Issues on the doorways are mostly linked with foundation repair or structural crack problems. If the floor tilts and your walls shift because of a foundation crack then it's high time you take the help of professionals such as ourselves. 
Signs of Structural Crack

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Our company has been providing all sorts of foundation repair solutions to everyone living in Alabama. All our houses have a foundation build which needs intensive care and maintenance. We have the right equipment and machines that can take care of all sorts of structural crack problems. We also have the best group of expert who is licensed and entitled as the best in the business. Please give us a call at 205-303-3404 when you trace any sort of structural crack symptoms, our friendly customer care will dispatch our expert group to your home or commercial property. 

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