New Construction Piers in Birmingham, Hoover & Cleveland, AL

New construction piers can help stabilize a new residential or commercial property's foundation right out of the gate. Before a foundation can even shift or break, new piers can guarantee a lifetime of stability. To put your new property on its best footing, the professionals at OX Foundation Solutions should be your first and last call.

At OX, our professional, superior foundation services include new construction piers installed for your commercial or residential property. We provide long-term solutions for foundation issues before they even appear, serving customers in Birmingham, Hoover, Alexander City, CaleraAdamsville, Altoona, and other cities throughout our AL service area.

We also assist customers with basement waterproofing, foundation repair and waterproofing, concrete leveling and lifting, and more. For new construction piers, call us at 205-303-3404 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation.

Why New Construction Piers By OX in Tuscaloosa, AL?

new construction building foundation piers

Reasons to call the professionals at OX Foundation Solutions when your new property requires new construction piers include:

  • Ground conditions: The most important reason you may need to include foundation piers into your new construction plan is if the ground is unforeseeable or has any special condition in the area you are building. Soil types and changes cause foundations to fail and require repair. When dealing with a civil engineer, you should be made aware of any concerns associated with the property so that these types of ground issues can be fixed before construction is completed. Starting construction with the installation of foundation piers will ensure a sturdy basis for your investment.
  • Insurability: Depending on the site, foundation pier planning and installation may even be required before new construction can begin. This is for the stability of the structure. Additionally, foundation piers may improve the property's insurance possibilities, particularly in regions subject to flooding and earth movement.
  • Weight of structure: Whether you will need foundation piers in advance depends on the weight of the finished construction. Over time, the earth and foundation of structures like wind generators and warehouses that put the excess weight in very particular places may experience issues. The construction's weight will be supported as well as it can be if foundation piers are used when it is first erected.

For the most reliable foundation services that include new construction piers, trust the skilled professionals at OX Foundation Solutions. Call us at 205-303-3404 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation.

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