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Foundation cracks can occur for varieties of reasons for the residents living in Choccolocco, and other regions around the service area. This issue can be very dangerous for the foundation of the house if it is not handled as soon as possible. 

Our foundation repair solutions at Ox Foundation Solutions are a permanent way to remedy your foundation issues by utilizing the best technology and methods by our team of experts. So if you are living in the above-mentioned area and require the best foundation repair solutions, then call us at 205-303-3404 or click here.

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Our Services Related to Foundation Repair

Our foundation repair solutions are highly effective and proven to be one of the best. Some of our foundation repair services are given below-

Foundation Settlement: When your foundation weakens, you'll experience a number of issues, not the least of which is that the foundation starts to sink. In an instant, you will notice that your floors are no longer level, and you will start to detect cracks in your walls. Living in such a place is intolerable, and it may be costly to fix the underlying issues after they've progressed to the point of becoming a major inconvenience. Our affordable foundation settlement service can solve this major issue.

Floor Supports: Shifting the existing pier columns in your home's crawl space is a typical source of structural concerns, including collapsing beams and floor joists. Floor joists and beams get weakened due to shifting foundation soils, an abundance of moisture, or incorrectly spaced support columns. This causes issues like damaged walls and doors, as well as uneven flooring.  Floor supports installed by Ox Foundation Solutions can immediately stabilize beams and floors, putting an end to the instability.

Foundation repair and settlement service

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Here at Ox Foundation Solutions, we apply OxPoly®, a concrete-lifting technique that is a cost-effective, expedient, and less disruptive alternative that offers numerous advantages over other common slab-raising methods. So if you are living in Choccolocco and other cities around the service areas and require our best-quality foundation repair solutions, then call us at 205-303-3404 or click here to contact us online.

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