Broken Sump Pump Repair Service in Birmingham, AL

Sump pumps are basically installed to protect your building foundation. It solves the dampening issue of your basement and helps to secure the building from damage. However, when a sump pump gets broken, it creates a lot of hassle. In this condition, all you have to think about is, hiring the right service provider. OX Foundation Solutions provides the best possible services for sump pump repairing, installing, and inspection for residential and commercial properties.

If you are living in the localities of Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Huntsville and nearby surroundings, you can avail all of our services because we are providing them in the neighborhoods of Alabama. To get our contact, you can apply online here. You can also call us at 205-303-3404 for any queries.

How to Maintain The Sump Pumps Installed in Your Property?


The sump pumps in your house protect the basement from groundwater, rain or floods. With some useful tips, you can frequently check the sump pumps and follow a proper maintenance regime.

  • Keep the sump basin clean from debris.
  • Understand the problems initially such as strange noises, oil leak, excessive moto vibration etc.
  • Keep an eye on the discharge line.
  • Test the valve.
  • Deep clean by professionals once or twice a year.

What Services Does OX Foundation Solutions Provide for Sump Pump?

A sump pump's lifespan might be around 7-8 years on average. But with proper maintenance and regular cleanup, it can exceed its limit sometimes. The services we provide, are excelled in quality. These include,

Why Our Services Are The Best?

Our company is licensed and insured to provide the best solutions for sump pump-relevant problems. Starting from a small company, it has now gained the trust of its clients gradually. We have a crew of certified engineers and technicians who are completely dedicated to providing you with the finest services. The modern-edge technology we use for our services is praisable.

You can now hire our company for any of our services online. Just give a click in here and submit the form to get our response. To know more about our services and how we work, call the following number 205-303-3404.

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