Broken Sump Pump Repairs in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, & Montgomery

Sump pumps are installed to protect your building foundation. It solves the dampening issue of your basement and helps to secure the building from damage. However, when a sump pump gets broken, it creates a lot of hassle. To rectify the situation, OX Foundation Solutions provides the best possible services for sump pump repair for residential and commercial customers in Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Huntsville, Birmingham, Mobile, and other cities that we serve.

Our IICRC-certified crews can also handle clogged sump pumps,  sump pump cleanouts, and more for our customers throughout Alabama. To learn more about our top-notch products and services, call us at 205-303-3404 or simply click here to schedule services for broken sump pump repairs within our AL service area.  

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How Can I Maintain the Sump Pumps Installed at My Property in Alabama?

Sump pumps installed at your home or office in Alabama protect the basement from groundwater, rain, floods, and more. With these useful tips, you can frequently check the sump pumps and follow a proper maintenance schedule to extend their life cycle:

  • Keep the sump basin clean from debris.
  • Listen & look for strange noises, oil leaks, or excessive vibrations.
  • Keep an eye on the discharge line.
  • Test the valve.
  • Have professionals deep clean your pump once or twice a year.
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Sump Pump Services by OX Foundation Solutions in Birmingham & Bessemer

A sump pump's lifespan might be around 7-8 years on average. But with proper maintenance and regular cleanup, it can exceed its limit. The sump pump services we provide for customers in Alabama include:

Rely on Our Sump Pump Services in Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, & Mobile

Our company is licensed and insured to provide the best solutions for sump pump repairs & installations. Our crews of IICRC-certified technicians are the best in the business. When you need our help, give us a call at 205-303-3404 or click here to schedule sump pump services ASAP at your home, office, rental property, or industrial park in BirminghamTuscaloosa, Montgomery, Huntsville, Mobile, and other cities that we serve in Alabama.

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