Prepare Your Sump Pump For Spring in Birmingham, AL

Recent estimates show 98 percent of U.S. basements will eventually or have experienced some form of water damage. Annual insurance costs for basement water damage are estimated at around $2.5 billion.

An effective sump pump helps avoid or mitigate basement or crawl space water damage, and the need for such equipment is great. OX Foundation Solutions has everything you need to make your sump pump spring-ready in Ashville, BryantBirmingham, Bessemer, Montgomery, Huntsville, and throughout our AL service area.

For thorough sump pump maintenance or cleanout that will prepare your sump pump for spring rains or major storms, call the OX Foundation experts today at 205-303-3404, or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation.

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How OX Prepares Your Sump Pump For Spring in Hoover, AL

Effective Tips to Make Your Sump Pump Ready For Spring
  • Cover removal, inspection: We'll get a good look under your sump pump cover and check the tank for debris, mud, rocks, gravel, etc.
  • Flush system: We'll thoroughly flush your system to check that it's operating (or not) at maximum capacity.
  • Assessing any noises: An improperly-working sump pump will likely make sounds you don't recognize. Any noises out of the ordinary are red flags for maintenance, repair or an upgrade to sufficiently prepare your sump pump for spring weather.
  • Checking the valve: Your sump pump requires a 3/16-inch relief hole in the pipe between the pump and the check valve. This prevents the check valve from vapor lock and extends sump pump life.

Trust OX Foundation Solutions For Sump Pump Maintenance in Montgomery, AL

Ox Foundation Solutions is a long-time provider of superior sump pump repair services, including residential sump pump installation, battery backup systems, pedestal sump pumpswater-driven sump pumps, sump pump inspection, and more for customers in BirminghamMontgomery, HuntsvilleBessemer, Hoover, and throughout our AL service area. Call us today at 205-303-3404 or contact us online to learn more about how to prepare your sump pump for spring.

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