Adjusting Groundwater Levels For Sump Pits in Birmingham, AL

When your sump pump begins working overtime, one cause could be changes in groundwater levels entering the sump pit. If these levels become consistently high, and your sump pump is struggling to keep pace, then adjusting groundwater levels (deepening or adding sump pits) could be necessary. Groundwater levels are crucial for sump pump maintenance.

Not maintaining these levels can damage sump pumps. At OX foundation Solutions, we can adjust groundwater levels for sump pits, provide sump pump repair or replacement in Birmingham, Bessemer, Montgomery, Huntsville, and throughout our AL service area. Let us help you adjust and maintain ground water levels for superior sump pump maintenance. Call us today at 205-303-3404 or contact us online to learn more about adjusting groundwater levels for your sump pump.

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Ground Water Levels in Birmingham, AL

OX Adjusts Groundwater Levels in Huntsville

OX Foundation Solutions can properly measure and adjust groundwater levels for your sump pump pit in Alabama.

  • When the pump is running, sump pit water levels should be no more than 3 inches. These levels should maintain your sump pump adequately.
  • Your sump pump should cycle sufficiently if water rises no further than 6-7 inches below ground floor, typical for an overall 10-inch sump pit depth.
  • If you can't maintain at least a 6-inch safety cushion for flood or overflow purposes, your sump pit could need a groundwater level adjustment.

Trust OX Foundation Solutions For Groundwater Adjustments in Montgomery, AL

Ox Foundation Solutions is a long-time provider of superior sump pump repair services, including residential sump pump installation, battery backup systems, pedestal sump pumpssump pump inspection, submersible sump pumps, water-driven sump pumps, and more for customers in BirminghamMontgomery, Hoover, Huntsville, and throughout our AL service area. Call us today at 205-303-3404 or contact us online to learn more about adjusting groundwater levels and arrange a consultation.

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