Sump Pump Emergency Service in Birmingham, AL

When it comes to water, home repairs can be costly because water can bring immediate chaos and damage. That is why it is necessary to keep all of your home's systems up to date. In the event of an emergency, you should be able to contact a plumbing company you can trust.

If you are a homeowner who needs a sump pump installation, maintenance, or any kind of sump pump emergency in your home, then Ox Foundation Solutions is the best company to count on. Here, we provide the best professionals who are experts to provide quality service according to your preference. We always recommend adding battery backup protection to our sump pump because heavy storms often come with power outages. So feel free to contact us today at 205-303-3404. Our company provides services in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Bessemer, and other cities within our service area in Alabama.

How Sump Pumps Work

Sump pumps were designed to remove excess water that gathers in your home's basement. They send the water to a storm drain or a dry well to be redirected. Basements built below the water table are particularly vulnerable to floods, hence a sump pump is usually fitted. Sump pumps come in two varieties: pedestal and submersible. Pumps on pedestals are placed above the sump to make them more accessible. Clogging is less likely with submersible pumps. To find out which pump is best for your property, contact a plumbing professional.

Sump Pump Emergency Service

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Rely on Ox Foundation for any kind of sump pump emergency solution, call any time at 205-303-3404 or contact us online. We will provide a hassle-free installation at a customer-friendly price to customers within our service area in Alabama.

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