About Ox Foundation Solutions

About Ox Foundation Solutions

Ox Foundation Solutions was founded combining the experience of Kevin Weber and Dannon Appleyard.  Kevin's attention to detail and customer focus has been instrumental in his 25 year career as a home builder.  He brings all his knowledge and experience to Ox Foundation Solutions.  His background as a builder allowed him to to work closely with architects, engineers and building inspectors which developed a complete understanding of modern construction practices, the problems that can arise, and a method to fix them.  Dannon's career in the Foundation and Basement Waterproofing industry began 21 years ago where the need for more practical and updated structural and waterproofing repairs was desperately needed in the industry. The "old" way of repairs had proven to be short lived and un-effective. A smarter and more advanced way began to emerge. Dannon began working with a nation wide network of design teams and engineers, to develop repair plans that have become industry standard today. 

Together Kevin and Dannon have created a locally owned and operated business that brings personal attention to the property owners. Combined they share over 46 years of experience to the commercial and residential construction industry. The objective was simple, put the needs of customers first and provide proven long term solutions! 

At Ox Foundation Solutions, our certified basement waterproofing and foundation repair specialists are ready to help with your basement or crawl space concerns. We offer a full range of basement waterproofing, foundation repair & crawl-space encapsulation services from drainage and sump-pump installation to structural repair solutions.

We will make your whole home healthier and safer for your family by treating basement and foundation issues with our custom-designed waterproofing, foundation repair, and moisture-control systems. With many years of experience on our team, you can always count on Ox Foundation Solutions to come up with the right solutions.

Ox Foundation Solutions' Services

We offer a wide range of foundation repair and basement waterproofing services to homeowners in the Birmingham, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa & Huntsville areas. Some of our most popular services include:

We Offer Efficient & Economical Foundation Repairs with OxPoly

Foundation cracks from slab settlement can affect both new and existing structures. Whether you are dealing with a sinking slab in your basement, garage, driveway or patio, a common solution is to demolish and replace the entire slab. Not only is that approach too expensive, but it is also unnecessary.

Ox Foundation Solutions offers a more cost-effective alternative with OxPoly, a concrete-lifting technique that is more expedient, less disruptive and less expensive than other common slab-raising methods. The OxPoly process involves drilling one or more small holes in the sunken area of your slab, then injecting an expanding “geotechnical” foam beneath the slab. As the foam expands because of a chemical reaction, it pushes the slab back toward its original position. The technician controls the injection process for just the right amount of slab-raising action.

Ox Foundation Solutions Offers Exclusive Home-Improvement Products for Alabama Customers

In efforts to waterproof a basement or crawl space, lift a sunken foundation, or support a sagging floor, Ox Foundation Solutions offers a variety of exclusive home-improvement products that are particularly effective for homeowners & business owners throughout Alabama. Our time-tested, exclusive products include:

Trust Your Foundation-Related Needs to Ox Foundation Solutions

Regardless of what type of attention is required for your basement, foundation or crawl space, the proven professionals at Ox Foundation Solutions have provided it hundreds of times for homeowners in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Huntsville and dozens of other communities throughout Alabama. Whether you need to add a dehumidifierventilate a crawl space or remove some pesky  dust mites, our certified crews can help. Ox Foundations is a proud member of the national foundation repair contractors network My Foundation Repair Pros

When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 205-303-3404.

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