Frozen Sump Pump Discharge Lines Repair in Montgomery, AL

OX Foundation Solutions offers efficient ways to repair frozen sump pump discharge lines. If you see your discharge line freezing or clogged due to ice in the winter, give us a call at 205-303-3404 to quickly resolve the issue.

A discharge line is responsible for draining water away from your basement & home. A sump pump actively pumps water out, but clogs because of frozen pipes & ice can do the opposite. For years, OX Foundation Solutions have helped homeowners in Montgomery, Huntsville, & Mobile waterproof their basements & prevent water damage. We are the local basement waterproofing expert in Alabama. Let our certified team do what’s necessary to fix the frozen discharge line, and continue the drainage system’s function.

Clogged pipe in the drain.

Discharge Line Clog Due to Freezing & Ice

In a sump pump system, a discharge line runs from the pump to the outside. This discharge pipe is what allows the water to drain away from your home. However, due to freeze & thaw cycles, the line freezes, and ice may block the water from draining. This is when the water may back up the pump and trickle inside your basement instead.

Qualified professionals from OX Foundation Solutions have the expertise to help you during such situations & prevent further water damage to your home. In addition to freeing the discharge line, we can make modifications to help stop future clogs arising from freezing issues.

Frozen line discharged

Additional Services for Sump Pumps & Drainage Systems

As the leaders in basement waterproofing, we provide everything starting from installation, repair & maintenance for drainage systems & sump pumps. We offer:

Let OX Foundation Solutions Fix Frozen Discharge Line Issues

If your sump pump’s discharge lines are frozen or clogged due to ice, reach out to the basement specialists from OX Foundation Solutions. We are serving Birmingham, Ethelsville, Madison, Kimberly, & other surrounding areas in Alabama. Call us at 205-303-3404 or click here to contact us online when you need our services.

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