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What Causes Mold in My Crawlspace?

mold on crawlspace wall

For mold to take hold and grow, it needs only four ingredients: mold spores, which are already in the air; organic matter, such as wood or insulation; the right temperature; and moisture in the form of water, dampness or humidity.

Of those four ingredients, the one you have the most control over is moisture. Therefore, if you want to avoid an infestation from mold in your crawl space, you have to eliminate that.

Water and moisture get into crawl spaces from three main sources:

  • outside air that enters crawl space vents and increases the level of relative humidity in the crawl space
  • Lack of waterproofing or an improperly graded yard that allows water to enter and accumulate in the crawl space or
  • Moisture evaporating from the soil or foundation walls into the crawl space air.

Eliminate the moisture and humidity, and you eliminate the chance of mold growing in your crawl space. A professional mold remediation company can check your crawl space and sample the air to determine if you have a mold problem in the works.

If you think you may have a mold issue in your crawlspace, call Ox Foundations at (205) 839-7950 or complete our contact form to have one of our professionals contact you to book an appointment.