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Micropile underpinning is an amazingly durable, high-capacity foundation element that is used to strengthen a foundation. Micropile underpinning is used for the pre-construction of residential and commercial structures alike. They work extremely well when the project site has limited access, poor soil quality, and limited overhead constraints.

If you want to strengthen your foundation and need micropile underpinning services, then hire Ox Foundation Solutions. We can design underpinning solutions for even the most challenging situations like  sun, humidity, rainy season, and hurricanes but thanks to our proprietary procedures for installing deep-driven steel piles. and owners in Birmingham, Hoover, Alexander City, Calera, and other cities throughout our service area

When you need our services for micropile underpinning for your commercial foundation, call us at 205-303-3404 or click here to learn more about our service with free estimates!

Some Benefits of Using Micropile Underpinning


Micropile underpinning is beneficial in so many ways for foundation repair. Those benefits are:

  • It helps to improve the ground.
  • Drilling and grouting were completed at the same time.
  • It offers higher skin friction protection for the foundation.
  • It is a very fast and effective solution for foundation repair.
  • Using micropile underpinning instead of traditional piling is typically less expensive.
  • Ability to use smaller equipment, thus enabling them to work in smaller spaces at a lower cost.
  • They do not require additional support, even if they are being placed in an area with weak soil.

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When you need our help for micropile underpinning in your commercial area, give us a call at 205-303-3404 for more information, or click here to make an appointment today! Our additional services are Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, Concrete Leveling & Lifting, Crawl Space Repair, Sump Pump Installation, Moisture Control, and more.

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