Floor Supports in Birmingham, Alabama

Floor joists and sagging beams are structural problems commonly caused by settling of existing pier columns in your home’s crawl space. Shifting foundation soils, excessive moisture, or improperly spaced support columns cause structural weakness in floor joists and beams. Thes result is uneven floors, cracked walls, and cracks above doors.

Ox Foundation Solutions can correct this issue by installing floor supports that stabilize beams and floors with immediate results. High-strength steel columns are anchored in poured concrete footings in accordance with standard building codes. Customized to your specific need, these Ox Foundation Floor Supports allow for adjustments, by trained installers, for any height or limited access.

Benefits of Floor Supports from Ox Foundation Solutions

By choosing to install floor supports from Ox Foundation Solutions, you are choosing to anchor the supports into concrete footings as part of the permanent correction. This transfers the weight and load to more competent soils at your home or office in Alabama.

By selecting a lesser alternative to correct sagging beams, you will be creating a temporary solution and facing recurring damages. In most cases, cutting financial corners to select additional shimming or concrete columns as the solution to your sagging beams will simply lead to a time-consuming installing that may not meet local building codes or properly lift your doors and walls.

Without installing the adjustable concrete footings offered by Ox Foundation's floor supports, you could wind up with a limited, temporary fix that is difficult to adjust and does not address the weak soil that is your problem in the first place.

With floor supports from Ox Foundation Solutions, these issues are addressed properly and the repair will be permanent.

Let Ox Foundation Solutions Support Your Floor at Your Alabama Home or Office

When you spot sagging beams or floor joists at your home or office in Alabama, there is no reason to panic. The proven pros from Ox Foundation Solutions have the equipment, experience & expertise to install floor supports that will solve your problem. Contact Ox Foundation Solutions online or give us a call today at  205-303-3404 when you are ready to improve your home or office with floor supports. We are the experts in foundation repairs for customers throughout Alabama, including Birmingham, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa & the Huntsville area

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