Foundation & Crawl Space Repair Services in Wattsville, AL

Are you worried about the dampening of your foundation and crawl space? Looking for a repairing solution? There can be many reasons for cracked or bowing foundations or wet, muddy, and smelly crawl spaces. But do not worry! OX Foundation Solutions is here to help. Our certified repair specialists are always ready to meet your needs.

If you are located in Wattsville, Alabama, and nearby surroundings, you can get all our beneficiary services regarding repairing the foundation and crawl spaces. We will be serving you with modern equipment in order to proceed with the best service. Just call at 205-303-3404 or apply here online.

Damaged Foundation & Crawl Space Puts Your Home at Risk in Wattsville

If you have a cracked or moistened foundation and crawl space, don’t just ignore it. You must start the repairing process as soon as you find out the damage. Because any damage can put your home, office, or commercial property in danger in Wattsville and throughout Alabama.

foundation and crawl space repair

Humidity: The moisture from the crawl space and foundation may end up in the air inside your house. It possibly makes the air sticky, smelly, and damp. It increases the health risk for you and your family.

Mold Growth: Molds can grow in your crawl space and outspread to the entire house. This can be very risky if ignored. The molds can make the indoors an unhealthy place to live.

Cracked Foundation: A foundation crack can easily make the structure of your house completely damaged. The more time it will take to start the repair, the more expensive it will get.

Discolored Wall: The wall gets stained when the water dries inside the concrete. Also, molds can make the wall discolored.

Services Offered by OX Foundation Solutions in Wattsville, AL

For foundation and crawl space damages, our company serves you with tons of high-quality services. The services include,

Rely on Us for Moisture Control, Foundation Repair & Crawl Space Services in Wattsville

We have industrial experience for years now. Our certified repaired specialists have a complete understanding of modern construction practices with advanced technical equipment. For us, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority. And we provide long-term proven solutions. For customers in Wattsville, AL, hire our company and get all of the affordable services. Call us at 205-303-3404 or you can also contact us online here.

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