What Do Sump Pumps Do?

 What Do Sump Pumps Do

It may have a peculiar rhyme to it, but a sump pump serves an important purpose in waterproofing your home. Commonly installed in basements, a sump pump is a type of pump that prevents water from entering your home by funneling it into a tank or basin.

Want to know how this mechanism rids your basement of excess moisture? Let’s look through a brief study of sump pumps courtesy of Ox Foundation Solutions.

What Are the Components of a Sump Pump System?

Most sump pumps you see nowadays are integrated into a home’s electrical system. They can also be powered by a backup battery, which proves crucial in the case of a power outage during a rainstorm.

The system typically constitutes four major components, namely:

  • A groundwater collection system;
  • A sump basin or sump tank;
  • The sump pump itself;
  • An outlet drain.

Full installation of a sump pump system requires digging a hole in the basement to house the sump basin. Once the components are in place, water can drain from the highest area of the crawl space down to the lowest area, going from a system of pipes directly to the sump basin.

The water residue then flows to an underground downspout drain, a storm drain, or a dry well. With the water properly redirected away from your home, you mitigate the chances of dampness and flooding in the basement.

Ensure the Performance of Your Sump Pump with Ox Foundation Solutions

If your sump pump system requires maintenance, water may flood your crawl space and destroy anything stored there. Homes are particularly at risk if they’re situated near bodies of water or during significant storms.

Reroute all water residue by making sure your sump pump is functional. You can contact Ox Foundation Solutions to oversee installation, to survey all components for the highest quality, and to enact maintenance before the system gives up on you for any reason.  

Get to know our signature sump pump and sump-pump liner configuration, which helps groundwater enter and exit through large punched holes. The specs on our sump pump system were carefully determined by our service team, and we tested it for three years before releasing it to the public. In addition, our company also offers basement water proofing and foundation repair services.

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