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Because your house breathes from the bottom up, you must not leave openings for outside air to come in. The allows dirty, unfiltered air from the crawl space to enter your home. When this happens, your family could breathe in dirt and mold particles, contributing to allergy symptoms and other health issues.

This is a major problem because most homes with crawl spaces were built under antiquated building codes. We now know that venting a crawl space creates big problems and must be handled by a skilled professional. Fortunately, the certified technicians at Ox Foundation Solutions know how to solve those problems for homeowners throughout Alabama.

It is absolutely necessary to seal any vents or areas where outside air can enter in order to prevent potential health issues and structural damages triggered in your crawl space. By doing so, the sealed vents will not only block hot or cold outside air but will also eliminate other unwanted elements such as insects and moisture. Our vent covers are mechanically attached to form an airtight bond.

Vented Crawl Spaces are Trouble

Construction workers have always favored crawl spaces because they're faster and less expensive to build than a full-blown basement foundation. This type of traditional crawl space utilizes openings or air vents in the crawl-space walls so that the air outside can circulate underneath your living space.

If there is any insulation installed, you may find it in the form of fiberglass batts, placed between crawl space joists, while the crawl space's floor will be made of soil or concrete.

Having this type of crawl space can be troublesome over time. In particular, warm and moist air enters the crawl space during the summer and condenses on the cooler crawl space surface, creating an ideal breeding ground for mold growth and wood rot.

Damp crawl spaces also will attract termites, carpenter ants and other insects that can harm your home. In winter, the floors become too cold because of wet or missing insulation, meaning higher heating bills.

Vented Crawl Spaces are Trouble

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